Gerald Celente: Top 12 Trends 2012

Gerald Celente

Top 12 Trends 2012

1.  Economic Martial Law–then Military?

2.  Battlefield America–attempted end to liberties.

3.  Invasin of the Occtupy.

4.  Climax time–financial implosion (2013?)

5.  Technocrat takeover–bottom up fights back.

6.  Repatriate! Repatriate (and re-nationalize).

7.  Secession Obsession–take your IRS and TSA and stick it.

8.  Safe Havens–Guns Gold and Getaway.

9.  Big Brother's Internet–no free speech, thinking is treason.

10.  Direct vs. Faux Democracy–Swiss model spreads.

11.  Alternative Energy 2012–end of the oil monopoly.

12.  Going out in style–design for poor people.

Source with paragraph for each of the above.

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