Marcus Aurelius: Drug Cartels Recruiting Young Latinos in USA

Marcus Aurelius

Mexican Drug Cartels Recruit Young Latinos In Southern California

Mexican drug cartels, in a disturbing new trend, are luring young people from Southern California to smuggle drugs across the border and carry out other illicit work for the criminal enterprises, according to law enforcement officials and youth activists.

The result: More than 5,000 young people, most of them Latinos, have been held in San Diego County jails over the last two years, according to KPBS San Diego.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Crime in Southern California has been directly influenced by the US wars in Central America and Colombia, and by CIA and DEA sponsorship of strategic drug suppliers into the USA.  The US Government consists of good people trapped in a very bad system, in which a two-party tyranny prevents the government from having intelligence and integrity–or a strategy–in the public interest.  When citizens see that both the government and the major banks are corrupt, the benefits of participating in organized crime take on new alure.  A rise in crime is a direct consequence of a drop in government legitimacy and efficacy.

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