Occupy Update (Inter-Occupy National Initiatives)


Occupy Update (Inter-Occupy National Initiatives)

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Past Call Notes

Official Announcements and Notes for This Meeting

Informal notes below the line.


Direct Report on Media Group

VERY impressive.  Monitoring media better than any government.  Thinking creatively about messaging, outreach.

Discussion of National Hearts and Minds Strategy

Working group forming

Discussion of Need to Release Nikola Tesla’s Technical and Scientific Research

This man was going to unleash FREE ENERGY TO THE WORLD, but his dreams were taken down (mainly) by J.P. Morgan.

VIDEO: About Tesla

VIDEO: How Our Future Would Have Been With Tesla Technology

Petition on WhiteHouse.gov to Release Nikola Tesla’s Inventions

FaceBook Page

Tesla Memorial Society of New York

Stack Items

Multiple Occupy groups investigating how to create their own credit union

Environmental groups seeking to engage Occupy to protect specific areas

Occupy Pittsburg seeking international day of action

PAC has been created for the 99% – www.occupypolitics.org

Jury duty is a very serious responsibility–jury nullification can judge the law itself unconstitutional or unlawful

Electoral Reform proposed for national strategy and attention.

Clarification: Inter-Occupy helps people connect–it is not a national strategy organization nor is it intended to be

Breakout Sessions

1.  Strong desire to continue protesting, but do need to move toward policy / process work.

2.  Lot of interest in creating Occupy credit union local to global

3.  Move to Amend interesting, get money out of politics and close down the Federal Reserve

4.  Decision making structures for Occupy changing

5.  Objection to supporting particular political candidates


2012-01-07  Bank Action to Release Nikola Tesla Research

2012-01-21  Citizens United Get Dollars Out of Congress

2012-03-30 Occupy Washington

Comment made that too many small groups all over the place, lacking leadership, need to get everyone focused.  Conflict brought up re 21st, too many Congressmen out of town, better to fold in with the 30th when

2012-05-19  Occupy the G-8 Summit and NATO [Facebook Page]

National Strategy to Win Hearts and Minds: Register for call schedule

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