Richard Winger: US Ballot Access & Americans Elect

Richard Winger

Responding to an inquiry, the founder of Ballot Access News who has also been active with Free and Equal and the Council of Alternative Political Parties, had this to say….

Write-ins for all office are banned in Nevada, Hawaii, South Dakota, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.  Also Arkansas and South Carolina won’t print write-in space for President on the ballot.  South Carolina has a statute saying no write-in space for President, but Arkansas doesn’t, and the Secretary of State just made it up.

People generally get on the ballot in all 50 states by hiring professional petitioners.  That takes lots of money, of course.

I am wildly in favor of Americans Elect.

Asked to elaborate on Americans Elect, he says….

It is not true that Americans Elect’s board can pick and choose who the presidential nominee is.  Just because some reporters are lazy and report this without checking the rules, doesn’t mean they are accurate.

Anyone can run in the Americans Elect presidential primary, but people who have been members of Congress, or cabinet members, of big-time generals, or Governors, only need 10,000 clicks; others need 100,000 clicks.

If the winner of the Americans Elect primary is a Democrat, and he or she chooses a Republican vice-presidential running mate, the ticket is “deemed” balanced and the Americans Elect board cannot tamper with it.  If Ron Paul won the Americans Elect primary for president, and he chose Dennis Kucinich for vice-president, there is nothing Americans Elect’s board could do about it.

The board only can intervene to see if the ticket is “balanced” if one of the nominees is neither a Republican nor a Democrat.

Phi Beta Iota:  While we  continue to be suspicious of Americans Elect, initially started as a Trojan Horse for Michael Bloomberg, Richard Winger’s intelligence and integrity and professional knowledge of American politics and the art of the possible is without peer.  We shift our view of Americans Elect to “neutral” at this time.

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