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Great search, thank you.  How “risk” is defined determines what countries are up or down.  It is therefore essential to demand an itemization of assumptions, and to question those risk maps that are so conventional in nature as to ignore both rising sea levels and dropping drinkable water aquifers.  Dun & Broadstreet has never been especially thoughtful about risk at either the enterprise or the country level.  Similarly, Control Risks is focused on “old” concepts of risk rather than new concepts, or the USA and China would both be red zones.  Here are a few links and images.

D&B: Germany and Switzerland share best country rating worldwide

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Five unlikely shelters in the storm [Control Risks]

US Earthquake Hazard Map

The Council on Foreign Relations preventive priorities map is fascinating, in part because it places no importance on Brazil, Canada, Chile, or Indonesia, four locatons that we consider of vital importance.

Preventive Priorities Survey: 2012

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‘Risk Atlas’ assesses meridian vulnerability

London (CNN) — Some of a world’s fastest flourishing race centers in Asia and Africa are during biggest risk from a impact of meridian change, according to a new report.

A sum of 30 countries were personal as being during “extreme risk” with Haiti, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Madagascar creation adult a tip 5 many in peril, while Vietnam, Indonesia and India all ranked inside a tip 30.

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Six out of a 20 fastest flourishing cities worldwide, including Calcutta, India, Manila in a Philippines, Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, were also personal as during “extreme risk” by a CCVI.

Access to water

“How does a company respect local communities' right to water when operating production facilities that require high levels of water consumption and where the community suffers from an inadequate water supply by relevant government authorities, but where the business is welcome as a source of jobs and revenue?”

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