Chuck Spinney: Situation All Fracked Up

Chuck Spinney

We Asked For Water, They Gave Us Gasoline

Situation All Fracked Up


Counterpunch, Weekend Edition 6-8 Jan 2012

According to worldwide energy industry participants, all of the low hanging fruit is gone. Finding new energy sources will henceforth be difficult and expensive… and very dangerous to your health. The unquenchable thirst for energy is unique to modern man, a little over 100 years old, and energy is unquestionably the heartbeat of modern civilization. We cannot exist without it, but where and how to find it is fast becoming the biggest challenge to the health of planet earth. Case in point: Fracking is the fastest growing segment of the energy industry, massively so in North America, but it may be the death knell of society well before global warming has the opportunity to really strut its stuff.

According to Texas Governor Rick Perry, when confronted on the campaign trail about fracking problems: “We have been using hydraulic fracturing in my home state for years and this is a fear tactic that the left is using and the environmental community is using that absolutely, excuse the pun, does not hold water.”

Governor Perry’s bias and ill-founded statement is herein refuted by 12 personal testimonials in Texas included in the appendix to this article. Further, it is well understood by professionals who seriously follow the trails and tribulations of fracking that almost all cases where fracking has poisoned ground water are quickly settled, payoffs to the victims, by energy lawyers who arrange for the legal documents to be sealed.  The implication herein is we do not know the whole story by a long shot, but knowing the whole story may be the only way to survive as a species. Why we don’t know all the facts should be one of the most important political questions of 2012.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Fracking poisons clean water.  Tar sands are flushed with clean water.  There is plenty of energy in the USA, the KEYSTONE/Tar Sands and fracking are scams–lies to the public–intended to feed refineries in the US for the EXPORT of processed fuels.  The public desperately needs a government capable of combining intelligence with integrity.  Fracking also causes earthquakes, as recently occurred in Ohio.  Anyone who does not know all this is NOT qualified to run for President, Senator, or Representative.  In our humble opinion.

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