DefDog: Saudi Defense Purchases. Obama Scam + RECAP


The following is a translation of “buying votes”……Not sure how this will sustain our national defense either……or how much of the money we borrowed and then granted to them in foreign military assistance!

Analysis: U.S. fighter sales soar in time for campaign

(Reuters) – Booming Middle East purchases of U.S. fighter jets will be a bright spot in what is expected to be a sluggish economy in 2012, possibly paying dividends for President Barack Obama's bid for a second term.

Beneficiaries include Lockheed Martin Corp and Boeing Co, whose respective F-16 and F-15 production lines are being extended by U.S. government sales to Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Oman, among other rich arms deals announced in recent weeks.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The only beneficiaries here are Lockheed Martin and Boeing executives and Class A stock-holders.  Everyone else gets screwed.  In addition, the jobs never materialize–this is a scam.

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