Eagle: US in for full-swing American Spring

300 Million Talons...

The US government has further distanced itself from the American constitution, which will eventually lead to a full-blown ‘American Spring,’ an Occupy organizer tells Press TV.

Interview with Tighe Barry, an organizer of the Freedom Plaza Occupation


Press TV: Tighe Barry, Sara Flounders pointed quite well that many movements are taking place in the United states as opposed to the two party system here.

Why hasn’t there been a movement strong enough to have taken the lead- I know the Occupy protest movements are leaderless- but isn’t this a perfect opportunity for there to be a third party representing the 99 percent?

Barry: Well, that’s always a possibility. There could come out of this a third party. But let’s be clear- our electoral system is bankrupt. The Obama administration stacked up a billion dollars to run their race. The Republicans have stalked up a billion dollars on their side, so it’s going to be very difficult.

Full article and video.

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