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Killing Obama – United States vs. Andrew Adler

Why is Neither the Jewish Org Community or the Media Checking Into Andrew Adler’s Background?

Jim W. Dean, Editor

VeteransToday, 22 January 2012

There is something fishy about this Andrew Adler ‘Kill Obama’ case. It came out of the blue…from a small below the radar Jewish publication, but from a major city, Atlanta. Why now, and why Andrew Adler?

The next thing that was extremely unusual was how quickly and completely so many major Jewish organizations dumped on this guy…almost all of them in one day. And their language was very harsh.

And then something else very strange, despite all the media coverage, where is the media digging out everything on our Andrew Adler life’s.

I have found nothing mentioned about him earlier than when he acquired the Atlanta Jewish Times, almost like it got off a space ship before that. And even more strange, no one seems to be asking any questions.

These Jewish groups are very networked. Someone not only pressed a button on Alder, but they also wrote some of the scripting so all the groups would be on the same tone. This story is oozing of a set up and orchestration.

Here are some samples:

Editor’s note:  Seems a bit late for Adler’s handlers to try to cover their behinds on this one.  Adler was only doing what he was told, we all know that.

Read rest of article with quotes, photos, and anomalies listed.

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