Event: 18 Jan Arlington VA House Party for Jill Stein Candidate for Green Party Presidential Nomination

Jill Stein

Dr. Jill Stein, GPUS Presidential Candidate, will be in the Northern Virginia/DC area, mid-January.  We have scheduled a house party so people can get to know Jill better.  We’ll meet at the home of John Reeder.   We’ll have snacks and drinks.    If you can, please rsvp to tamar@gp.org.   Even if you haven’t let us know, come anyway.  We’re just trying to get a rough estimate of attendance.

When:    Wednesday, January 18, 2012, 7:30pm
Where:    1812 N. Huntington Street, Arlington, Va 22205
Contact:   Tamar Yager, 703-534-2187 or 502-296-3849

Metro:  Orange line to East Falls Church.   Need to call Tamar for a pick-up (advance notice please).

Driving directions:  from Lee Highway and Harrison Street go south on Harrison Street to 18th Street; go right onto 18th Street and go 3 blocks to a right onto Huntington Street.  The house is the third house on the left.

Phi Beta Iota:  There are multiple candidates for the Green Party nomination, listed below.  Dr. Stein appears to be the most visible candidate; Cynthia McKinney is obsessing on Libya and probably not in the running for 2012.

Below from Politics1, BOLD is Announced, Italics Possible.

Winona LaDuke (Minnesota) – Native American activist, economist, writer and ’96/’00 VP nominee.
Cynthia McKinney (California) – Ex-Georgia Congresswoman, Ex-State Rep., College Professor and ’08 Nominee.

Kent Mesplay (California) – Biomedical engineer, environmental activist, ’04/’08 candidate & ’06 US Sen. candidate.
Harley Mikkelson (Michigan) – Retired state employee, Vietnam War veteran & frequent candidate.
Rhett Smith (Texas) – Company auditor, Navy veteran & frequent candidate.
Jill Stein (Massachusetts) – Physician, progressive activist, author & ’02/10 Governor nominee.

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