ARSTRAT IO Newsletter Volume 12 Number 3

IO Newsletter
ARSTRAT IO Newsletter

ARSTRAT IO Newsletter v12 no 03

Table of Contents

This newsletter covers December and January.  Articles included are:

1.      9th Annual Army Global Information Operations Conference
2.      A Speed Bump for Pentagon’s Information Ops
3.      Special Forces Get Social in New Psychological Operation Plan
4.      Hazards of Perception Management
5.      Does Social Media Help or Hurt Terrorism?
6.      All Quiet on the Western Front
7.      Who sent a false text message saying cash benefits will no longer be paid to Iranians?
8.      Cyberspat Erupts As Baku-Tehran Relations Become Increasingly Strained
9.      SPAWAR Recognizes Space Cadre at Information Dominance Warfare Officer Pinning Ceremony
10.     In the Middle East, Cyberattacks Are Flavored with Political Rhetoric
11.     SCADA Systems in Railways Vulnerable to Attack
12.     Twitter Able To Censor Tweets in Individual Countries
13.     Taliban Folklore in Pakistani Media
14.     Iran Mounts New Web Crackdown
15.     Call For Cyberwar ‘Peacekeepers’
16.     The Strategic Communication of Unmanned Warfare
17.     57% Believe a Cyber Arms Race is Currently Taking Place, Reveals McAfee-Sponsored Cyber Defense Report
18.     In Battle for Hearts And Minds, Taliban Turn To CDs
19.     Can U.S. Deter Cyber War?
20.     Supremacy in cyberspace: Obama’s ‘Star Wars’?
21.     Chinese Tech Giant Aids Iran
22.     China Likely to Go Asymmetric if Conflict Breaks out with United States

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