Mini-Me: Sanctions, Oil Futures, Gas Prices, War

Who? Mini-Me?

Below is Iranian slant from a Canadian journalist.  What they are not saying is that the oil companies make money regardless, and the financial speculators that bet on high futures really need the sanctions and the shortages to cover their bets.  At the same time, the US incumbent administration seem to feel that more war is good for the election cycle.  Nobody cares about the consumer.

Anti-Iranian Sanctions Backfire on Western Imperialist Countries

When Western Nations Begin To Believe Their Own Propaganda Elementary Principles of Supply and Demand Get Overlooked

A Canadian journalist, addressing the latest threats of sanctions against Iran’s oil sector, says that the United States and some European nations seem to be ‘ignorant of the basic principles of supply and demand.’

Press TV has interviewed writer and journalist, Joshua Blakeney, on his view on the recent hike in fuel prices.

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