Owl: 33 “Conspiracy Theories” Proven True — Many with Government Betrayal of Public Trust as Central Feature

Who? Who?

So many smug people claim conspiracy theories don't exist, they are something less educated people believe. Next time someone tells you this, direct them to this compilation of 33 conspiracy theories that turned out true.

Phi Beta Iota:  “Conspiracy theory” is one step up (a big step) from “watch your language.”  A huge piece of the “control fraud” with active government participation in suppressing the truth, a clear betrayal of the public trust.  The list is useful but not as complete or structured as is now possible, while also too US-centric.  The video series Core of Corruption, is recommended.

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know… (Updated, Revised and Extended)

By Jonathan Elinoff, New World Order Report

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Below the Line: Complete List.

01 The Dreyfus Affair (Government Fraud)

02  The Mafia (Government Fraud)

03  MK-ULTRA (Government Fraud, USA)

04  Operation Mockingbird (Government Fraud, USA)

05  Manhattan Project (Government Success)

06  Asbestos (Government Complicity)

07  Watergate (Government Complicity)

08  The Tuskegee Syphilis Study (Government Fraud, USA)

09  Operation Northwoods (Government Fraud, USA)

10  Iraq Atrocity Testimony 15 Year Old (Government Complicity, USA)

11  COINTELPRO Against Activists (Government Fraud, USA)

12  Iran-Contra Affair (Government Fraud, USA)

13  BCCI Scandal (Government Fraud, USA)

14  CIA-Sanctioned Drug Running Into Los Angeles (Government Fraud, USA)

15  Gulf of Tonkin Never Happened (Government Fraud, USA)

16  Wealthy Plot Coup in 1933 (Government Complicity, USA)

17  Conspiracy to Assassinate Hitler (Government Internal, Germany)

18  Operation Ajax Against Iran (Government Fraud, USA / UK)

19  Operation Snow White (Scientology infiltrates governments)

20  Operation Gladio (Government Fraud, US / Italy)

21  CIA Assassinations Et Al (Church Committee Findings)

22  The New World Order (Government Complicity (USA / Global)

23  John F. Kennedy Assassination (Government Complicty, USA)

24  World Series 1919 Conspiracy (Government Complicity, USA)

25  Karen Silkwood Silent Spring (Government Complicty, USA)

26  CIA Drug Smuggling in Arkansas (Government Fraud, USA)

27  Bohemian Grove (Government Complicty, USA)

28  Operation Paperclip Nazis Into US (Government Fraud, USA)

29  Round Table Imperial Federation CecilRhodes (Government Complicity, US / UK)

30  The Illuminati (Government Complicity, Global)

31  The Trilateral Commission (Government Complicity, Global)

32  Big Brother or Shadow Government (Continuity of Government, US)

33  Federal Reserve Bank (Government Complicity, USA / Global)

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