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Bibliography for New Craft of Intelligence

With a 5,000 word limit for each author contributing to the new Routledge Companion to Intelligence Studies (2013), the bibliography, at 2,000 words, cannot be included.  It is posted here for general access.  This bibliography does not address the many books on intelligence that have been reviewed, all of which contain relevant information about the craft of intelligence.  Below is a consolidated list of most but not all books on the larger topic of intelligence as reviewed by Robert David Steele.

Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Intelligence (Most)

At the more strategic levels, books contributing to an understanding of how the new craft of intelligence must meet the needs for decision-support by all stakeholders at all levels through access to all information in all languages all the time, see the links below and the central column within Phi Beta Iota and/or the Index.

Worth a Look: Book Review Lists (Positive)

Worth a Look: Book Review Lists (Negative)

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