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IO Newsletter
ARSTRAT IO Newsletter

ARSTRAT IO Newsletter v12 no 04

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Articles in this month’s issue are:

1.      9th Annual Army Global Information Operations Conference
2.      China Seeks to Vigorously Develop Battlefield Network Warfare Capacity
3.      The Future of Influence in Warfare
4.      Cloud computing to integrate with current Army system
5.      Report: Army network tests failed to adequately assess mobile operations
6.      Plant DNA Helps the Pentagon Identify Fake Electronic Components
7.      Chinese Communists Influence U.S. Policy Through Ex-Military Officials
8.      Malaysia’s Islamic Party Hails Iran’s Progress in Electronic Warfare
9.      Is China a Paper Tiger in Cyberspace?
10.     U.S. Could Maintain Virtual Presence in Syria
11.     Battle for Syria Rages across the Internet
12.     Iran – Death for Blogging
13.     A Fatal Tweet
14.     A Primer of Copyright Rules, Regulations, and Risks in Writing for Information Operations Publications
15.     The 50 Ruble Army
16.     Jihadi Information Warfare: The Next Wave
17.     DIA Director Reveals China’s Villainous Capabilities In Space
18.     In Attack on Vatican Web Site, a Glimpse of Hackers’ Tactics
19.     Anonymous, It Could Become a Cyber Weapon
20.     Report: Internet Radicalizes U.S. Muslims Quickly
21.     When Is A Cyberattack A Matter Of Defense?
22.     Quran Burning a PSYOP Failure in Afghanistan
23.     Psychological Warfare Must Precede Strike on Iran
24.     U.S. Should Not Follow China’s Example in Merging Cyber and Electronic Warfare Efforts

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