Worth a Look: Increasing Anxiety Over Israeli False-Flag Attack on US Navy to Start War on Iran

IO Deeds of War
Bill Sardi

What if the News Media Reports Missiles Launched From the Iranian Coast Hit a US Aircraft Carrier With Deaths and Casualties?

“We interrupt this broadcast for an important News bulletin…. We take you to reporter Manfred Smith on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln in the Persian Gulf for this special report.” (Reporter Smith) “I’m here on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln where casualties are being taken from the USS Carl Vinson which sustained damage earlier today in a shocking pre-dawn attack on US Naval forces here in the Persian Gulf. At least one hundred body bags are now housed in a makeshift morgue below decks, and casualties are running in the hundreds. Radar tracking shows evidence of sea-skimming missiles, likely shoulder-fired, possibly as many as three launched from the coast of Iran, that struck the Vinson amidships. You can see in the distance smoke billowing from the USS Vinson now some six hours after the sudden surprise attack. US Navy authorities said the close proximity of the ship to the coast made it impossible to defend against this missile attack. The USS Eisenhower remains positioned 30 miles further away from Iran’s coast than the USS Vinson. US military authorities are saying a swift and decisive retaliatory blow against Iran is now underway and US military aircraft are now attacking pre-determined military targets with full force. Iranian authorities in Tehran issued a denial of their involvement in the attack, but an Iranian mullah is claimed to have said, I quote: ‘This should serve the Great Satan notice they don’t belong here.’ Iranian President Ahmadinejad had previously warned Iran would retaliate against sanctions imposed by the US on his country. This is Manfred Smith with XXX News aboard the USS Eisenhower in the Persian Gulf.”

If the American public were suddenly shocked by the news that three shoulder-fired missiles launched from the coast of Iran had hit a US aircraft carrier in the Straits of Hormuz and killed 200 navy personnel, would even one American question whether this report was accurate in its assumption that the regime in Iran was behind the missile attack?

How easy it would be for any party that wanted to instigate war to place saboteurs on Iran’s coast to aim shoulder-fired missiles at a US aircraft carrier positioned near the Straits of Hormuz where a third of the world’s oil tankers pass every day.

Read full article with past examples of false flag attacks starting wars.

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