Marcus Aurelius: Obama’s Face on US Flag Riles Vets

Marcus Aurelius

I cannot find the words, but certainly share the outrage of the veterans who objected. One has to wonder how such a travesty could make it all the way to being on display.

Vets angry over American flag featuring Obama$0a9cdbec-6def-11e1-97a0-0764d8d7b04e,st$1331740924048369,v$1.0))&t=blank&al=(as$129669r00,aid$jgLpGUwNjeY-,bi$1200611551,ct$25,at$0)LAKE COUNTY, Fla. —

Tempers are flaring over a version of the American flag flying in Lake County. A veterans group says the flag is an outrage.

The flag, which features a picture of President Obama, was taken down Tuesday afternoon.

Read full article and watch video clip.

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