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This is really fascinating because since these Salama graphics were posted, there have been many more explorations of the merger of neuroscience, psychology, and how we design and structure everything else.  Imagine the most gifted artists in the world locked inside a lunatic asylum.  That is us today.  We can do better.

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Graphic: Salama 1 — Components and mechanisms of a theory for knowledge integration in architectural design education

Graphic: Salama 2 — Transdisciplinarity and its challenging to disciplinary boundaries and knowledge fragmentation

Graphic: Salama 3 –Linking the Split Brain Theory and Jungian Epistemological Balance to architectural pedagogy and learning

Graphic: Salama 4 — Strategic accommodation of transdisciplinarity at the knowledge delivery, studio, and degree levels

Graphic: Salama 5 — Strategic accommodation of the inquiry-epistemic component in a studio setting

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