Berto Jongman: Interesting Global Security Links

Links (Global Security)
Berto Jongman

Al Qaeda Struggles with Training, Diminishing World Influence, says TRAC

Black-Scholes: The maths formula linked to the financial crash

Fukushima: A Nuclear War without a War: The Unspoken Crisis of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation

Has the internet run out of ideas already?

Internet censorship listed: how does each country compare?

Internet Hall of Fame (Pioneers, Innovators, Connectors)

nuclear communication system may be used for cybersecurity

Singularity University: meet the people who are building our future

State Department Reveals 21st Century NATO's Global Priorities

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

(US) Federal Government's $10 Billion Plutonium Boondoggle

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