IVN Steele on Electoral Reform Part 11: Constitutional Amendment

Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

Steele on Electoral Reform – Part 11: Constitutional Amendment

Congress shall work toward a Constitutional Amendment that places Election Integrity outside the power of the government. That amendment, whose terms shall be formulated via the National Initiative for Democracy (National Ballot Initiatives). It might include but not be limited to such initiatives as: 1. Elimination of personhood for any organization

2. Affirmation of universal voter registration
3. Abolishment of the Electoral College
4. Balanced Budget
5. Termination of the Federal Reserve
6. Constraint on size and budget of the US Government
7. Re-enfranchises convicts who complete their sentences

NOTE: DC Statehood does not require Constitutional Amendment.

As with all of the other elements (this makes eleven in all), this one is still subject to crowd-sourcing and perhaps a mix of Citizen Wisdom Councils and National Ballot Initiatives.

My bottom line is that the eleven element together are more than able to attract, unify, and mobilize 100 million voters who can “occupy” the home offices of their Senators and Representatives and DEMAND, as a condition for NOT beginning recall actions against each of them, that this bill be introduced, passed into law, and signed by the President before 4 July 2012.

Time is the one strategic variable that cannot be bought nor replaced.  In my view 2012 has the potential to be a transformation year, but only if We the People mobilize, unify (Reform Coalition), and demand in unison–publish and read across the land a Statement of Demand, while insisting that each Member sign a Pledge as the price of being allowed to remain — on probation — as an incumbent.

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