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There is so much Human Intelligence (HUMINT) embedded in this site that the automatic search results are not at all satisfactory.

First off, technology is not a substitute for human intelligence, and research is not a substitute for experience.  NSA still does not have a computer as good, light, fast, and agile as a human brain.

Second off, when managed properly, HUMINT span at least the obvious 15 slices that we have identified, and is  the core for intelligence with integrity.  Everything else is peripheral.  From “do not send a spy where a schoolboy can go” to multinational, multiagency analytics, intelligence with integrity should be at least 70% of the focus of effort (it's okay for technical — and processing — to cost 70% of the total, but if you cannot process what collect, you should be expeditiously retired  and your budget dramatically cut.

Thirdly, human treason and crime including white collar corruption and financial terrorism are the sucking chest wound in the body of the Republic.  The traitors among us — and the politicians, appointees, and flag / senior executive service who have foresaken their oath to defend the Constitution in favor of craven loyalty to the chain of command and the military industrial congressional complex, and the biggest threat to all of us.  Before we can get serious about global clandestine intelligence at the neighborhood level of detail, we need to get three things right: domestic counterintelligence; foreign multinational clandestine field stations; and multinational analytics both classified and unclassified.  All of this is HUMINT.  Neither CIA nor DIA nor how to do modern HUMINT, nor do they want to.  We need to  cleanse the temples of annuitants and retarded seniors homesteading on their privileged positions.  We especially need to get rid of a retarded security system that cannot distinguish between field sharing (multinational HUMINT) and home all-source sharing — two different things that are NOT in conflict.

Finally, HUMINT takes place in the context of the human condition.  Poverty is the #1 high-level threat to humanity, and anyone unable to understand that this is the context within which US predation creates blow-back and push-back has no business being in charge of anything.  We are our own worst enemy –  Washington is not in friendly hands; Washington lacks both intelligence and integrity.

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