Chuck Spinney: US Continues to be Clueless on AF Cultural – Tribal Intelligence – Karzai Brothers a Replay of Ngo Dinh Diem & Madame Nhu

Chuck Spinney

In my last Blaster, I discussed the deficiencies of the Washington Post puff piece on the Obama/Allen triage strategy for exiting Afghanistan. One of the points mentioned was that the NATO/US commander, Marine general John Allen is a student of military history and that he was working to avoid the mistakes the Soviet Union made when it departed Afghanistan, leaving the Najibullah government in power, which lasted three years before succumbing to the ravages of civil war. My blaster elicited the following comment from an Afghan friend, who comes from a distinguished Pashtun family and is well versed in Afghan history, culture, and politics:

Allen’s assumption of similarities between what will happen when NATO withdraws and what happened when the Soviets withdrew does not hold: Najib’s regime was dominated by Pashtuns, both in the military and the civilian organisation. Also, the PDPA (People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan) had large capable cadres which were widely dispersed throughout the country. Moreover, there was not such a total disconnect between the ordinary people and the regime. And, Najib’s regime did not have the reputation of being totally corrupt and predatory.

As Anatole Lieven said, in his excellent essay, Our War Against the Pashtuns, the U.S. intervened in a civil war and took the side of the Tajiks against the Pashtuns. Conversely, the Soviets, better informed or perhaps wiser, admitted that the Pashtuns constituted the absolute majority of the Afghan population, and therefore favoured the Pashtuns during their occupation of Afghanistan. This point was underlined by the fact that one of the languages of the official copies of the Geneva Accord was Pashto, that being the ‘national’ language of Afghanistan during the tenure of the PDPA regime – Dari did not figure anywhere.

To conclude, the US taking sides in this civil war may have seemed a ‘neat idea’ at the time, meant to limit the loss of American blood and treasure, has turned out to have been a pretty stupid idea in retrospect.

Anyone who thinks the Obama/Allen triage exit strategy will leave the Karzai Kleptocracy in a more secure position than the Soviet-sponsered Najibulla government ought also to consider the extent to which Karzai (ironically a Pashtun) and his band of thieves and murderers have enraged Aghanistan’s Pashtun community, which is by far the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. Bearing in mind, that the Afghanistan’s tribes, especially the Pashtuns, live in accordance with what is the world’s most highly evolved tribal/vendetta culture, and the Pashtun code of honor, Pashtunwali, is perhaps the world’s strictest tribal code of conduct, the attached article in the Kandahar newspaper Surgar suggests that (1) a harsh Pashtun payback to Karzai and his henchment is in the offing and (2) the Obama/Allen contention that their triage plan is avoiding the mistakes made by the Soviet Union is a fantasy.

This theater of the absurd may play for a time long enough in a tuned-out America to get past the November presidential election, but my guess is that it will not last very long in Afghanistan.

Chuck Spinney
Sanary sur Mer, France

Phi Beta Iota:  The current US intelligence concept for “cultural intelligence” is childish–playing cards with table manners.  The US IC still does not understand the importance of deep history, of demographic analytics, of assassination matrices, of getting a grip on what is viewed at right or wrong by people who are wired completely differently–they are literally from another planet, a planet we have never understood.  It certainly does look as if AF has been a replay of Viet-Nam, supporting the minority corrupt leadership against the bulk of the population that sought to abide by the Geneva Convention and the call for open elections that nationalist Ho Chi Minh would have won.

Below the line: a very long list of Karzai led assassinations — shades of Viet-Nam!

The list of assassinated tribal leaders from Kandahar

Surgar (Kandahar Paper) – 10/05/12

Since President Hamid Karzai took over the leadership, thousands of tribal leaders, businessmen, social activists, opposition political figures, Moderate religious scholars, and community leaders have been assassinated all over the country.

Only in 13 districts of Kandahar province more than 1500 hundred assasinations have occurred Surgar Weekly was able to keep records of 510 known assassinations.

In interviews with Surgar Weekly Tribal leaders, who don’t want their names to be revealed due to fear of retributions, accuse President Karzai’s siblings, Qayum Karzai, and Ahmad Wali Karzai of involvement in some if not most of the assassinations.

According to them, he assassinated rivals in fields of business, politics, tribal affairs land disputes and drug trade.

List of assassinated religious scholars in Kandahar from 2002 till 2010:


Sayed Imam
Molavi Fayaz
Mullah Janan Akhund
Mullah Habibullah
Molavi Mohmmad Nabi Masdaq
Qari Sayed Ahmad
Mullah Abdul Manan
Mullah Ahmadullah
Mohammad Ayaz
Mullah Abdul Bari Akhund
Mulavi Fayaz Mohammad
Mullah Ahmad Shah
Mullah Abdul Malang
Molavi Akhtar Mohammad
Molavi Sayed Massud Shah Agha
Mullah Abul Malik
Mullah Abdul Satar
Mullah Abdul Muneer
Molavi Abdul Qayum
Molavi Mohammad Rasol
Mohammad Rafiq Agha
Qari Ahmadullah
Mullah Abdul Ahad
Mullah Khudy Alrahim
Mullah Baran
Mullah Qudratullah
Mullah Mohammad Shah

List of assassinations

Name Job

Hajji Qalandar Khan Tribal leader and government official
Colonel Abdul Raziq Tribal leader and police officer
Azizullah Advocator and tribal leader
Mohammad Yunas Hussaini Member of Kandahar Provincial council
Hajji Abdul Halim Tribal leader and chief of police
Abdul Hay Razmal Deputy chief of health department
Tahiri Head of health department
Zarghuna Doctor (Female)
Sitara Achakzai Member of KPC (Female)
Mohammad Anwar Khan Chief of Education Department
Malaly Kakar Police Officer (Female)
Sofia Oma Jan Head of the Department of Women Affairs
Zarghuna Kakar’s husband Member of KPC
Mohammad Akram Khaqrizwal Kabul Chief of Police
Hayatullah Popal District President of Shahwalikot
Dost Mohammad Arghastany Head of department of work and social affairs
Mullah Naqibullah Akhwand Tribal leader
Lieutenant General Malim Akbar Tribal leader
Hajji Grany Tribal leader
Habibullah Jan Tribal leader and a representative in parliament
Abdul Hakim Jan Tribal leader and Chief of Police
Hajji Khan Tribal leader
Mullah Khaksar Tribal leader and warlord
Ali Ahmad Khan Aka Tribal leader
Manan Khan Arghasan district chief of police
Mohseen Wolase Chief of Cooperative Department
Azizullah Yarmal Deputy Mayor

List of Kandahar city’s assassinations

Name Tribe Residence Job

Hajji Kalandar Khan Alizai Kandahar City Tribal leader and Government Official
Colonel Abdul Raziq Mohammadzai Kandahar City Tribal leader and police officer
Azizullah Tajik Kandahar City Advocate and tribal leader
M. Yunas Hussiani Tajik Kandahar City Member of KPC
Hajji Abdul Halim Alokozia Kandahar City Tribal leader, Chief of police
Abdul Hay Razmal Popalzai Kandahar City Deputy director of health department
Tahiri Popalzai Kandahar City Head of public health department
Shams-ul Haq Kakar Kakar Kandahar City
Zarghuna Kakar Kandahar City Docotor (Female)
Sitara Achakzai Achakzai Kandahar City Member of KPC
Sofia Oma Jan Kandahar City Head of department of Women Affairs
Husband of Zarghuna Kakar Kandahar City Member of KPC
Hajji Grany Alokozai Kandahar City Warlord and tribal leader
Javid Barakzai Kandahar City
M. Yunas Wolse & Son Barakzai Kandahar City Head of Director of Cooperative Department
Abdul Majid Babai Kandahar City Head of information and culture department
Azizullah Yarmal Barakzai Kandahar City Deputy Mayor
Abdul Hay, brother of Mullah Sayed Mohmmad, Barakzia, Kandahar City, Private Sector
Mullah Akhtar Jan Jamalzai, Noorzai, Kandahar City Deputy of KPC
Hayatullah Popalzai Kandahar City Member of KPC
Manan Khan Alokozia Kandahar City Member of KPC

List of Panjwai district’s assassinations

Name Village Tribe

Hajji Abdul Qayum Khan Salawat Noorzai
Hajji Niamatullah Panjwai Alizai
Abdul Wasi Salawat Noorzai
Hajji Fazal Mohammad Mashan Sagzai
Sakhidad Mashan Sagzai
Abdul Rahim Khan Talokan Sagzai
Malak Din Mohammad Talokan Sagzai
Zabet Abdul Ghafar Nakhunai Noorzai
Hafiz Khwaja Mohammad Mashan Sagzai
Janab Molavi Sahib Nakhunai Noorzai
Abdul Qados Khajkak Barakzai
Rahmatullah Salawat Noorzai
Mullah Khudy Dad Chelighor Alokozia
Baran Mashan Achakzai
Karim Khan Sperwan Noorzai
Dr. Saleh Mohammad Sperwan Noorzai
Fateh Khan Sperwan Noorzai
Janan Sperwan Noorzai
Shams ullah Sperwan Noorzai
Abdul Habib Panjwai Alizai
Mohmmad Amin Khan Sperwan Noorzai
Naqibullah Zangawat Achakzai
Abdullah Talokan Sagzai
Shah Mohammad Nakhunai Noorzai
Tor Jan Sperwan Noorzai
Haider Sperwan Noorzai
Moheebullah Sperwan Noorzai
Sayed Mohammad Sperwan Noorzai
Abdul Wodod Sperwan Noorzai
Abdul Rauf Sperwan Noorzai
Ghulam Dastagir Sperwan Noorzai
Hajji Ahmadullah Panjwai Alokozia
Sardar Mohammad Salawat Noorzai
Sher Abdul Majid Sayed
Hamid Agha Nalgham Sayed
Mullah Khaksar Panjwai Noorzai
Hajji Mohammad Omar Khan Loy Karez Noorzai

List of Boldak district’s assassinations

Name Village Tribe

Mohmmad Masom Mashingzai Noorzai
Ghulam Dastagir Mashingzai Noorzai
Shakar Din Mashingzai Noorzai
Abdul Jalil Mashingzai Noorzai
Habibullah Sher-o-ab Noorzai
Rahmatullah Sher-o-ab Noorzai
Abdul Rashid Sarkar wala Achakzai
Mohammad Qasam Wesh Navi Kali Achakzai
Nada Mohammad Khan Sarkar wala Achakzai
Baz Mohammad Sarkar wala Achakzai
Qadar Khan Sarkar wala Achakzai
Habibullah Khan Hajji Fazal Karam Achakzai
Aminullah Noorzai
Hajji Fazal Karam Noorzai
Hajji Baz Mohammad Khan Hussianzai Noorzai
Hajji Faizullah and his bodyguard, Loy Kariz Noorzai
Tor Jan Kanjoso Kariz Achakzai
Raz Mohammad Kanjoso Kariz Achakzai
Sayed Jan Kanjoso Kariz Achakzai
Member of Parliament, Abdul Raziq Khan Achakzai
Hafiz Zahir his brother, Abdul Nasar and cousin Lala Jan Achakzai
Mohammad Rafiq Khan Achakzai
Abdul Qadar Sarkar wala Achakzai
Jumah Gul Sarkar Wala Achakzai
Khwaja Mohammad Khan Sarkar wala Achakzai
Hajji Abdul Ahmad Achakzai
Barat Khan Achakzai
Mullah Abdul Hakim Achakzai
Abdul Wahab Bayanzai Achakzai
Gulab Bayanzai Achakzai
Hajji Faiz Mohammad Achakzai
Hajji Dad Mohammad Achakzai
Commander Rahmatullah Achakzai
Hajji Mohammad Khair Achakzai
Abdul Jabar Boldak Achakzai
Hafizullah Abdul Basir Boldak Achakzai
Molavi Taj Mohammad Boldak Achakzai
Hafiz Tor Jan Hajji Mohammad Rafiq Achakzai
Molavi Ahmadullah Hajji Mohmmad Rafiq Achakzai

Names of the assassination attempt survivors of elders, tribal leaders, of which most are members of regional council:

Hajji Daddullah Khan, Sher-o-ab Noorzai

He was injured in a suicide attack that killed two of his sons.

Hajji Azizullah Pahlawan Gulan Noorzai

He was injured in an attack that resulted in dead of his two bodyguards, Sher Mohammad and Bor Mohammad.

Hajji Zakirya
Hajji Ghulam Nabi Khan Margha Achakzai

He was injured in a suicide attack, that let four of his friends, Abdullah, Mohammad Muneer, Abdul Latif and Abdul Zahir dead.

Hajji Lal Jan Shahra

He was commander of his own village. He was injured in a sucide attack that killed two of his brothers and including others.

Wali Jan Sorki Lizai Noorzai
Mullah Akhtar Jan, deputy of regional council, Jamalzai Noorzai
Hajji Mohammad Khan Loy Kariz Noorzai
Hajji Naimatullah Sarhadi was commander of Spin Boldak, who was injured as a result of bomb attack on his house that killed his brother’s son, Abdullah.
Hajji Wali Shah Khan was head of Rigistand regional council, was killed in a firefight, alongside his bodyguards.
Commander Hajji Fida Mohammad Khan was killed in a suicide attack.

List of Maruf district’s assassinations

Name F/name Village Tribe

Malak Dilbar Khan Hajji Malak Naja Khan Gadai Sherghazai Alizai
Abdul Ghafar Malak Abdul Rahman Mohammadzai Mohammadzai
Allah Mohammad Agha Mohammad Mohammadzai Mohammadzai
Abdul Majid Sakaw Balkhizai Alizai
Hikmatullah Abdul Malak Khan Balkhizai Alizai
Gul Mohammad Malak Sakhi M. Anakhial Barakzai
Hamdullah Hajji Fateh Khan Adizai Alizai
Daro Khan Sado Khan Adizai Alizai
Matiullah Noor Mohammad Chormai Alizai
M. Abdul Rauf Abdul Ghafar Bila Alizai
Niak Mohammad Baharam Chormai Alizai
Abdul Manan Mullah Zolfuqar Chormai Alizai
Zarif Khan Hajji Shadi Khan Orbashai Barakzai
Saqi Jan Fateh Khan Adizai Alizai
Naqibullah Noor Mohammad Sorwan Barakzai
Abdul Samad Khozwakai Abtu Barakzai
Tor Jan Mohammad Ali Anakhail Barakzai
Nadar Jan Abdul Salam Toghra Alokozia
Niamatullah Abdul Jalil Kas Alizai
Abdullah Abdul Ahad Toghra Alokozia
Sardar Khan Ahmadullah Pann Alizai
Hamidullah Suliman Shahin Tangai Kakar
Amir Mohammad Abdullah Zyarat Alizai
Amanullah Abdul Hamid Abatu Barakzai
Gul Mohammad Abdul Zahir Kochnai Gingar Ashaqzai
Rasul Jan Hamdullah Ashaqzai Ashaqzai
Shahwali Mohammad Nabi Abu Kala Barakzai
Hotak Painda Khan Tapay Hotak
Mera Jan Sadullah Chody Alizai
Shah Mohammad Ata Mohammad Mastan Kariz Barakzai
Yar Mohammad Hajji Shikhan Chormai Alizai
Noorullah Dad Mohammad Toghra Alokozia

List of Maiwand district’s assassinations

Name Village Tribe

Khair Mohammad Din Mohammad Noorzai
Ghulam Haider Shahi Kariz Yusafzai
Toryalia Shahi Kariz Mohammadzai
Akbar Jan Merab Khur Noorzai
Mohammad Gul Mazra Sagzai
Sanam Gul Cholawak Sagzai
Niamatullah Korizai Kariz Noorzai
Astay Mohammad Chalgazai Noorzai
Gul Ahmad Khogyania Achakzai
Hayatullah Khogyania Achakzai
Mohammad Yusaf Chashma Achakzai
Allah Dad Marza Achakzai
Mullah Nafi Bandi Temur Sagzai
Izatullah Marza Barakzai
Ramazan Agha Loy Kariz Sayed
Gul Mohammad Khwaja Khaliq Khogyania
Mohammad Garm awak chena Khogyania
Abdul Salaam Bazar Tarin
Abdul Kadar Sangar Khogyania
Bashir Ahmad Khwaja Khaliq Khogyania
Ali Ahmad Khwaja Khaliq Khogyania
Ahmad Shah Bazar Khogyania
Gul Mohammad Hassan Abad Kali Tarin
Lala Hassan Abad Kali Tarin
Sardar Hassan Abad Kali Tarin
Qudratullah Mohammadzai
Abdul Ahad Noorzai
Amanullah Mohammadzai

List of Zhari district’s assassinations

Name Village Tribe

Abdul Jabar Agha Sanzary Alizai
Abdul Rahim Sanzary Alizai
Ko Agha Sanzary Alizai
Baz Mohammad Sangisar Barakzai
Hajji Agha Mohammad Soghlay Popalzai
Hajji Jamal Aka Soghlay Popalzai
Hajji Baz Mohammad Soghlay Popalzai
Nawab Khan Pashmul Alokozia
Hajji Mohammad Yaqub Khan Babaghdy Baloch
Sardar Mohammad Sangisar (Police Chief of Zhari) Barakzai
Yaqub Sangisar Noorzai
Rafiullah Sangisar Noorzai
Hajji Khiaruldin Khan Kolak (district chief of Zhari) Popalzai
Wali Mohammad and Bashir Kolak Popalzai
Dr. Khalil and his brother Pashmul Alokozai
Toryalia Sardar Nahri Kariz Mohammadzai
Akhtar Mohammad Nahri Kariz Barakzai
Mesteri Ahmad Sanzary

List of Dand district’s assassinations

Name Village Tribe

Hajji Gul Karz Popalzai
Ahmad Shah Chapalania Barakzai
Hajji Pacha Mard Kala Barakzai
Hajji Ali Ahmad Khan and son Rorabad Barakzai
Sardar Malang Zakar Popalzai
Mullah Majid Akhwand Temoryan Barakzai
Hayatullah Angoryan Barakzai
Abdullah Jan Da Gholaman Barakzai
Malim Rahmatullah Bala Karz Popalzai
Sultan Mohammad Mashor Popalzai
Engineer Dawod Shamshir Karez Popalzai
Bacha Mashor Popalzai
Wazir Mansor Ghundi Barakzai
Hayatullah Karizak Mohammadzai
Niamatullah Loy Karizak Mohammadzai

List of Arghandab district’s assassinations

Name Village Tribe

Hajji Mullah Gul Akhwand Charghulba Alokozai
Zabiullah Charghulba Alokozai
Abdul Hakim Nagahan Alokozai
Moheebullah Munary Alokozai
Abdul Manan Gul Kalacha Alokozai
Gulalia Nagahan Alokozai
Zmari Nagahan Alokozai
Agha Mohammad Hadira Alokozai
Janan Hadira Alokozia
Ata Mohammad Sokh Chalaw Alokozia
Akhtar Jan Zarra Marza Alokozia
Nazar Mohammad Agha Dehlahor Sayed
Agha Shah Nahri Karez Barakzai
Mullah Matiullah Nagahan
Abdul Rahman Tukhay
Merza Khuran

List of Khakrez district’s assassinations

Name F/Name Village Tribe

Hajji Wahab Khan Hajji Haider Khan Arogh Popalzai
Agha Wali Abdul Baqi Arogh Popalzai
Baz Mohammad Hajji Khudia-ul Rahim Khush Dad Alizai
Qudratullah Agha Gul Karzalay Popalzai
Janan Hajji Noor Mohammad Zelabad Popalzai
Hajji Mir Abdul Raziq Teg Popalzai
Saranwal Abdul Ghani Shar Mohammadzai
Malim Mohammad Akbar Khakrizwal Alokozia
Mohammad Akram Khakrizwal Alokozia

List of Shahwali Kot district’s assassinated

Name Village Tribe

Mawlavi Alola Sahib (Judge) Taplagh Popalzai
Malim Sahib Shafi (Adminstrator) Sozyan Babarr
Hajji Hasham Khan Aka (Tribal leader) Dahla Popalzai
Mullah Mohammad Essa Akhwand Chinara Popalzai
Khaman Chinara Popalzai
Akhtar Mohammad (Chief of police) Prayan Popalzai
Rozi Khan Zamto Popalzai
Abdul Ahad Karez Popalzai

List of Arghasan district’s assassinations

Name F/name village Tribe

Abdul Qayum Khan Payinda Spina Gara Popalzai
Khudia Rahim Khan Alokozai Khan Da Popalzo da loy di Popalzai
Hajji Payow Mohammad Ibrahim Ghbarga Popalzai
Mullah Nassrullah Karimullah Shnakhta Barakzai
Sultan M. Khan Sayed Mohammad Khogyanay Khogyanay
Hajji Payow Popalzai
Manan Khan (Chief of Police) Alokozia
Hayatullah (member of regional council) Popalzai

List of Miyanashin district’s assassinations

Name F/name Village Tribe

Abdul Ghafar Hajji Wali Derasko Barakzai
Niamatullah Sanaullah Pardes Popalzai
Ahmadullah Malak Lal Pardes Popalzai
Abdul Karim Noor Mohammad Khan Pardes Popalzai

List of Daman district’s assassinations

Name Village Tribe

Hajji Abdul Manan Khoshab Tarin
Abdul Aziz Mondihisar Momand
Abdullah Madzai Popalzai
Abdullah’s father Madzai Popalzai

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