Eagle: Citizen Vigilance Network Emergent

300 Million Talons...

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Institutionalizing Citizen Vigilance

These Citizen Vigilance Centers will serve the People of the State intent on holding their elected officials accountable through civic education and civic action, with no deference to politics, in utmost respect and defense of the greatest governing documents ever given to mankind.

Who does the Government need to hear from: hundreds of thousands of their constituents, organized and standing with each other, single-minded in purpose, resolve and determination on constitutional matters, commanding respect and response, intelligent, rational and professional in their approach and drawing on the power and resources only a mass-movement can bring; Or, a loosely assembled, make-shift operation of individuals and small groups, un-organized, under-whelming and under-capitalized?

The People, shall either rally around the Divine Rights of Free Men, the Constitution and the Rule of Law, putting America back on Her Course as only they can, or continue to rely on the promises and assurances of men and experience more debt, dependency and decay as they experience the great unraveling of the Great American Experiment.

For each reader of this message, it is truly, now, up to you.

Robert L. Schulz
Founder – We The People Foundation

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