Information Operations Newsletter V 12 N 6

IO Newsletter
ARSTRAT IO Newsletter

Articles in this issue are:

1.         Al-Qaeda’s Online Forums Go Dark for Extended Period
2.         Debate Rages over Hacking Jihadist Websites
3.         Electric Dragons – Airborne Electronic Warfare Capabilities in China
4.         ‘Azerbaijan Actively Joined Information Warfare’
5.         Cyber War Will Not Take Place
6.         Designer Satellite Collisions from Covert Cyber War
7.         Al Hurra: An Eye on Democracy
8.         U.S. Navy Focus Shifts To Asia-Pacific
9.         What does #NTVlies Really Mean?
10.       Global Briefing: Russian Politics Moves Online
11.       Zombie Followers and Fake Re-Tweets
12.       The Anatomy of a Coup Rumour
13.       The Inconvenient Astrologer of MI5
14.       We Can Hear You Thugs
15.       US And China Engage In Cyber War Games

ARSTRAT IO Newsletter v12 no 06

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