The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Chapter 1 Open Sesame Extract I

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Chapter 1  Open Sesame Extract I

The core concept here, one that Buckminster Fuller would endorse, is of achieving ZERO RESISTANCE in transfer of energy and information.  Put in other trerms (that Occupy, among other movements, would appreciate), the objective is to eradicate CORRUPTION and all “burdens” on human activity that have been contrived and imposed without the consent of the governed.  Corruption and lies are “resistance” to optimal functionality.

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In an open-source community, all costs are minimized and benefits are optimized.

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This network is capable of doing what no other network–and certainly no government or corporation–can aspire to: tell the truth, the whole truth, all the time, rooted in transparency and building trust–this is the alchemy of the twenty-first century: share information, earn trust.  Transparency, not secrecy, is what rpoduces validated intelligence (decision-support) that is truthful and trustworthy and therefore priceless.

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The contemporary challenge is our transition from the industrial-era worldview of unbridled consuption, selfishness, and “anything goes”  to a new information-era worldview of “it's all connnected,” which means that we are all accountable for the whole.  Resources are limited, brain power is virtually infinite.  Open-Source Everything is the meme, the mind-set, and the method.

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