20120628 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

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Open Source

An open source city takes shape: Open, online tools and data.  The grand vision for the open data portal has two components, ESRI and a to-be determined solution similar to Socrata. They both play a critical role housing the available data and making it easier-to-consume by end users.  The ESRI geoportal server is an open source product that enables discovery, use, and publishing of metadata for geospatial resources. It allows custom downloads of data using a map-based interface.

Open Source a $1 Billion Business, But Just Beginning

Open Source CRM Zurmo Anticipates General Audience Release in September, Announces Summer Roadmap

Red Hat acquires FuseSource.   FuseSource is a provider of open-source application integration and messaging frameworks and services. FuseSource’s products are based on Apache ServiceMix, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache CXF and Apache Camel. The name of the game with all these programs is to provide a  enterprise service bus (ESB). This is part of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) model.

Open Access

Plum Analytics Maps Success in Open Access Scholarship

Wellcome Trust will penalise scientists who don't embrace open access

Open Cloud

Non-profit launched to advance open source point cloud processing

Red Hat Shifts Into Gear With OpenShift

Open Communication

Guest essay: Open Meetings Act is tool for citizen involvement

Open Data

(Canadian) Minister Clement Announces Expansion of Open Data Portal

Inside the (UK) Open Data white paper: what does it all mean?

(UK) Open Data Case Studies

(UK) Government open data white paper published

(UK) Open data white paper promises '21st Century democracy'

(UK) Open Data white paper promises to create ‘information marketplace for entrepreneurs and businesses'

Open Education

Australia Leading a Rise in Virtual Classrooms, U.S. on Board?

Open Government

Brazil's Open-Government Shock Treatment

Communities + Government = Success

Demand a more open-source government: Beth Noveck at TEDGlobal 2012

OGP Review: New Study, Continued Activism

Open Hardware

Android Accessory Development Kit

Open Knowledge

Open knowledge and wealth (part 2)

Open Media

Open Media Days: 14 days of courses and presentations on Open Web, cross-device content and live performances

Open Science

A Few Arguments for Open Science

Open Notebook Series: What is an Open Notebook?

Open Software

Open Source Software: Key Steps to Avoid IP and Licensing Risks

Open Standards

Kony Renews Commitment to Open Standards and Web Technologies With Version 5.0 of KonyOne Platform

The Open IPTV Forum Expands with Humax, STC (Saudi Telecom) and JT Group (Jersey Telecom)

Open Textbooks

Guide to Open Learning

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