20120629 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

Open Source

Anatomy Of An Open Source Acquisition: From GlusterFS To Red Hat Storage

Open Management Interface (OMI) – open-source implementation of DMTF CIM/WBEM standards

Red Hat details next Linux and storage platforms for cloud, big data era

The Linux desktop, thanks to Chromebooks, goes retail

Why is innovation difficult?

Open Access

Open Access Journal: Manuscripta Orientalia

Journal publishers on notice

Open access, again

Open Access role created at John Wiley

PCCP, Repositories and Open Access

Open Cloud

American Physiological Society and The Physiological Society Collaborate to Publish New Open Access Journal

HP cloud plans focus on open source, management

Cloud Computing: Mobile Devices, Vast Computing Power Open Cloud to More People Than Ever

Open Clouds at Red Hat

Open Data

Cabinet Office minister on open data: There is nothing easy about transparency

Colectica Releases Open Source Blaise to DDI Metadata Converter

Keynote Address on Connecting to Climate Event at the Newseum, by Caroline Anstey, Managing Director, World Bank

Open Data: Release of public sector data will spur growth and innovation says new white paper

Open data won't necessarily be free, government admits

Open Education

Five-Minute Film Festival: Why Open Education Matters

TEDxCapeTownED – Associate Professor Laura Czerniewicz – SA Needs Open Education

University of the People: Unexpected Leader in Open Education?

Open Government

Open government group unhappy with state board policy

New Mexico open government group fights settlement secrecy

Open Hardware

Arduino and Open Hardware

Open Knowledge

On the way to the new market of information in Russia

Open knowledge festival (in Finland) combined with open government data camp

What does ‘open knowledge’ have to do with ‘open development’?

Open Science

Crosspost from the Tree of Life blog: Royal Society report on Open Science

Two Citizen Scientists Win First Bay Area Open Science Challenge

Open Spectrum

‘How to fix SA broadband’

Open Standards

PeerCorps and open standards – “OpenDocument”

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