Berto Jongman: Interesting Global Security Links

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Berto Jongman

British Special Forces in Syria

CI Glossary (PDF at Cryptome)

Collapsing US Credibility

Convergence of Organized Crime and Terrorism

Dark Money in USA – Mother Jones

Drone Civilian Death Claims Mount

Drone Death Figures Do Not Add Up

Drone Policy Transparency

Global financial cybercrime sting yields 24 arrests

Drug Violence Interactive Map

EU Plan for European Monetary Union

Euro Collapse – Consequences

Failing Drug War Impacts on AIDS/HIV

French Reporter in Colombia Documentary

Gene Sharp: A dictator's worst nightmare

Human Costs of Piracy

Iran – Possible Consequences of Attack

Little America in Afghanistan

Oil the Next Revolution (Price Collapse)

Plutonium Criticality Event

Politics or Gang Warfare

Radioactive Conflicts of Interest

Routledge Handbook on Religion and Security

Russian Cybercrime Resources

Rwandan Genocide Documents

Terror Drill Philadelphia

Threat of Designer Drugs

Torture in Israel

UN official proposes use of satellite imagery to protect civilians in armed conflict

Violence in Mexico

World Drugs Report

Financial Liberty at Risk-728x90