By the Case: The Open Source Everything Manifesto

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Random House Special Markets is welcoming inquiries about purchasing this book by the case.  They only handle books being purchased to be given away, they do not handle books intended to be resold.  44 books per case, 45% per case is the standard discount.

Director, Premium Sales: 1-212-572-2329

General Inquiry: 1-800-800-3246

Idea for Individuals:  Get together with a few friends and buy one case, throw an Open Source Everything party with prizes for those who identify “opens” that are not in the book.  Move the meme where it matters–in your own neighborhoods and workspaces.

Idea for Organizations (Stakeholder Outreach):  Buy several cases of the book, and distribute them up and down the supply chain, the sub-contractor chain, the union chain, the local government chain, across all forms of client and stakeholder, and then hold an Open Space Day to discuss how these ideas can be applied to enhance the over-all network and its agility, prosperity, resilience, etcetera.

Idea for Organizations (Employee Outreach):  Buy several cases of the book, insert corporate sticker highlighting appropriate focus, and hand out at Hackers on Planet Earth in New York, or any of the Cloud or IT conferences taking place over the summer.  There is no other book that captures the Open Source Everything meme across the board.  This is it.

Single Copies for Individuals [Amazon least expensive]:

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