Information Operations Newsletter Vol 12 No 8

IO Newsletter

ARSTRAT IO Newsletter v12 no 08-1

This month’s articles:

1.      Stuxnet: US Can Launch Cyberattacks But Not Defend Against Them, Experts Say
2.      Offensive Information Warfare and Red Teams
3.      Cyber Warfare…Brought To You by J.C. Wylie
4.      Intel Community’s Sharing of Cyber Tools Raises Legal Questions
5.      Netline Launches New, Extremely Small and Accurate, Portable Jamming System to Counter IEDs
6.      Hackers, Bloggers ‘Bunged Cash to Spin For Iran 2.0’
7.      Raytheon to Extend BMS with Social Media Capability
8.      Social Media and Unconventional Warfare
9.      Former Pentagon Analyst Says China Can Shut Down All The Telecom Gear It Sold To The US
10.     When GPS Goes Down, Pentagon Still Wants a Way to Fight
11.     China Tech Company Brags: We Hacked U.S. Telecoms
12.     Transmedia, Emerging Threats, and a Blended Strategy for Training
13.     InfoOps: Measuring Effectiveness
14.     Army’s Top Signal Officer: Everything Is Network Dependent
15.     Lift the Ban on the Domestic Dissemination of U.S. Propaganda
16.     Public Diplomacy as an Instrument of Counterterrorism: A Progress Report
17.     Chip Reports Prompt Congressional Review
18.     Texas Students Hijack a U.S. Government Drone in Midair

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