20120619 Open-Source Everything Highlights

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Open Cloud Roundup: Open Source Dominates Private, Hybrid Enterprise Clouds

The open source cloud made waves in the news this week with the results of a RightScale study that claims widespread adoption among enterprises of open source cloud computing services. VMWare and IBM showed their agreement by announcing plans to expand their open source cloud investments. These positive stories offset the shocker that NASA has abandoned OpenStack entirely for Amazon Web Services.

Open source: Leading the way for big data applications

According to the research firm Wikibon, the big data market is on the verge of a growth spurt that will hit $50 billion worldwide within the next five years. Data volumes are growing to the point where companies are being forced to scale their infrastructure, and the traditional “scale up” technologies, legacy systems and licensing models are simply not working. From its onset, open source technology has been at the forefront of massive data management. Today, open source provides the most effective way to address such a large-scale problem and get the job done faster and more accurately at a fraction of the price of alternative solutions.

NASA Ditching Open Source OpenStack? Not So Fast

“While NASA has stopped funding active development of OpenStack as it has matured, which is very much in keeping with their focus on basic and early-stage applied research, there are still organizations within NASA that are actively scaling up their OpenStack adoption ,” McKenty explained.

Worth a Look:  Black Duck Software is the leading provider of strategy, products and services for automating the management, governance and secure use of open source software, at enterprise scale, in a multi-source development process.

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