The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Chapter 2 Open-Source Everything Extract III

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Chapter 2 Open-Source Everything Extract III

On the next few pages I list a wide range of “opens” within each of the layers illustrated in the Open-Source Pyramid (Figure 1), strictly to illuminate the wide-ranging, near-universal nature of this meme. This is not a complete list! The order below corresponds to Figure 1, where the source information can also be found. [All endnotes removed, generally one per comma de-limited open].


Open Access. Generally legal right to view, read, transit.

Participation. Generally open right to contribute or utilize.

Transparency. General visibility of detail to any who wish access.

Shareability/Forkability. Peer property, sharing economy.


Open-Access Publishing. Unrestricted public access.

Open Code. Excludes controlling or restrictive functions.

Open Communication. Open access to communications net.

Open Data. Allows data to be integrated and exploited by all.

Open-Data Protocol. Web protocol for querying and updating.

Open Definition. Reuse/redistribute without technical limits.

Open Facilitation. Open-Space Technology (Harrison Owen).

Open Governance. Panarchy, sociocracy, holacracy.

Open Licenses. Creative Commons is an example.

Open Standards. W3C is an example.

Infrastructure (Physical) 

Open-Source Food. Transparency of the food-supply chain.

Open-Source Agriculture. Open DNA and biotechnology.

Open Global Village Construction Set. Actual generic tools.

Open Cloud. Open standards, ease of mix and match.

Open-Collaboration Platform. Technical, e.g. Wiki.

Open-Collaboration Spaces. Hacker spaces, e.g. HackLabs.

Open-Data Grid. Project underway to enhance data storage.

Open Funding. Crowd-sourcing, social lending.

Open Manufacturing. Open software creating the physical world.

Open Media. Video, audio, and text that can be shared freely.

Open Meeting. Organizational meeting open to the public.

Open Mobile. Standards and unlocked devices.

Open Spectrum. Unlicensed spectrum shared by all.

Open Territories. Regions committed to the open meme.


Open Knowledge and Science. Open Knowledge Foundation.

Open and Free Software. LINUX, Ubunto, Debian, etc.

Open Designs. Demotech, Howtopedia, Instructables.

Open Currencies or Money. BitCoin, OpenCoin, etc.

Open Funding. Crowd-sourcing, social lending.

Open Capital. B2B sharing of risk and reward.

Open Hardware. Arduino, Buglabs, OpenMoko.


Open Education. Open Accreditation, Connectivist Learning.

Open Science. Cambia, Bios, BioBrick.

Open Government and Open Politics. Sunlight Foundation.

Open Business. Integration of buyers and suppliers.

Open Skies. National agreements to enable transparency.

Open Spirituality. Anabaptism, Reiki, Yoga.


Open Courseware. Freely available online (but not credits).

Open Government Data. Funded by taxpayer, open to public.

Open Journals. Free public access to archives.

Open Textbooks. Free public access, deliberately organized.

Open Tools. Mix and match, modular, affordable.


Open Coalition. Emerging non-partisan grassroots concept.

Open Materials. Enable do-it-yourself (DIY) production.


Open Spirituality. Integrates open, participatory, commons.

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