The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Chapter 3 Manifesto Extract II

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The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Chapter 3 Manifesto Extract II

History is a narrative we construct and a tool we can shape.  Our model of history has been corrupted by “information pathologies” that include weapons of distortion and deception; suppression of alternatives and repression of inconvenient knowledge; and manufactured consent, propaganda, secrecy, and outright ideologically justified lies that go unchallenged by most journalists and scholars.

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We find ourselves at the end of  centuries of isolation and alienation.  The evolution of social technologies and communications media appears to align with prophecies of indigenous cultures like the classic Maya, who looked toward our epoch [and 22 December 2012 specifically] as the end of one great cycle and the beginning of another.  It’s a window of opportunity for us, potentially the threshhold of transformation of humanity into a new psychic collectivity, a new global civilization that can attain galactic citizenship.

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