The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Chapter 3 Manifesto Extract III

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The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Chapter 3 Manifesto Extract III

Sharing, not secrecy, is the means by which we realize such as lofty destiny as well as create infinite wealth.  The wealth of networks, the wealth of knowledge, revolutionary wealth–all can create a nonzero win-win Earth that works for one hundred percent of humanity.  This is the “utopia” that Buckminster Fuller foresaw, now within our reach.

Context matters.  Context creates coherence and restores the missing connections that the fragmentation of knowledge into academic specializations has caused.  Economy needs to be reimagined in terms of a whole-systems approach–the “true costs” of human action need to be measured holistically, in terms of effects on the regenerative capacity of the biosphere as a whole.  If we as Homo sapiens fail to connect the dots and make decisions on the basis of truthful, true-cost information, we will self-destruct.

. . . . . . . . .

Integrity is how we enter a “state of grace” and become “one with God,” however you choose to define and understsand these broad terms.  This manifesto defines “God” as an experience of collective solidarity that extends from the human realm to the universe as a whole.

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