The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Chapter 5 Integrity, Lies, and Panarchy Extract III

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The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Chapter 5 Integrity, Lies, and Panarchy Extract III

All the kum-ba-ya in the world and all the micro-issue think tanks and advocacy groups are ineffective because they lack a strategic analytic model, a process for doing intelligence so as to do informed activist democracy, and a call to arms that brings us all together centered on taking back our government or routing completely around it.

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The “magic” of panarchy is that it combines the wisdom of the crowd, smart mobs, here-comes-everybody “cognitive surplus” and “collective intelligence” (two different concepts) with evolutionary/revolutionary process–they cycle of growth, stasis, break-out, and regeneration with innovcation.  As an inherently open-source everything system of systems, panarchy exposes fraud, waste, and abuse; eradicates corruption, and in the ideal–at full operational capability–creates infinite wealth in the form of a prosperous world at peace.

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Lies are like sand in the gears of a very complex, delicate machine.  Lies steal from the commonwealth.  Lies kill.  Lies are a cancer on the body of humanity.  Integrity is not just the opposite of lies–integrity is the restoration and maintenance of the whole.  Integrity is the cosmic mix of transparency, truth, and trust that creates heaven on Earth.  Panarchy is heaven; resilience is the Earth and its humanity in a state of balance.

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