20120703 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

Google Plus: Michel Bauwens Yesterday 12:20 AM  –  interesting conversation …(about author's new book)

Open Source Open World (with Graphic)

Reality Sandwich: The Open Source Everything Manifesto

Worth a Look: Open Source Everything Business Software

Open Source

Equinox Wants Open Source Skeptics

Bacula4Hosts Launches Commercial, Open Source Disk Based Backup and Recovery Solution Geared Towards Web Hosting Service Providers and ISP's

Linux is culprit in leap-second lapses: Cassandra exec

Open-source media player VLC lands on Android in limited beta

Website creation: Dreamweaver v open source

Free/Open Source Software (FOSS or F/OSS)

Apple wins U.S. preliminary injunction against the Samsung/Google Galaxy Nexus over Siri patent

Google's Nexus Tablet; Maddog's Blog; Patent News & More

Open Access

(Australia) Public policy on open access should be free from commerce

(India)  Future is open and online: Prof. Reddy

Open Access Visibility Statistics for Clinical Medicine Insights: Dermatology

(South Africa) Open-access wireless: tread carefully, SA

(USA)  Let the EFF Convince You to Sign the Declaration of Internet Freedom

Open Cloud

Open Cloud Consortium has four working groups, one of which is the Open Science Data Cloud

What Makes The Cloud Sweet Also Makes It Sticky

Which Open Source Cloud Platform Should You Use?

Open Code

Blackboard Announces Moodle Code Contributions from NetSpot and Moodlerooms

Open Source Code Detection For Cut and Paste Carelessness

Twitter open sources its Iago load generator

Open Collaboration

GE & Partners Announce $200 Million Global Commitment to Accelerate Power Grid Technology Through Open Collaboration

Open Data

Agencies should publish lists of all their data, group says

Big Data Summit: Why size isn't everything

Digital Earth Offers Open Data App Opp

(Louiseville, KY) Websites, app make city government data more useful

New Open Data Research Panel at OKFest

Quebec’s open data portal: early reactions

Open Education

40 Open Education Resources You Should Know About

50,000 (And Counting) Education Apps Worth Knowing About

Excellence for Open Education in Practice

Online courses winning prestige

Open Government

Quebec unveils central website for data

Open Hardware

Open 24x7x365: The IBM open PaaS and private cloud platform


In Canada, “Open IPTV Forum” members discussed topics of IPTV

Open IPTV Forum gains toehold in Middle East

Open Journalism

Open journalism and ‘pop-up' newsrooms at Digital First Media

Re-designing Media In The Social Age, Together

Open Manufacturing

UPenn Researchers Improve Living Tissues With 3D Printed Vascular Networks Made From Sugar

Open Materials

a handcrafted particle accelerator

Open Mobile

Firefox Mobile OS Receives Warm Worldwide Welcome

Mozilla confirms Firefox mobile operating system for 2013

Mozilla Is Building An Open Source ‘Firefox' Phone

Open Science

Computing grid built for physics benefits a wide range of science

(Germany) RSC gives recommendations for open science

Open Skies

Tourism industry, Israeli airlines clash over Europe open-skies deal

Open Society

African Union: Mandating democracy, one ratification at a time

Open Source Food

Infographic of the Week: Open Source Framework for Cooking

Open Source Food and Genetic Engineering – Michael Pollan

Open source food at FOOD 2.0

R&D Concept: Horto domi- the Open, Arduino Controlled Garden

TED: Open Source Food Supply

Open Space Technology

Honour Bayes: Devoted & Disgruntled? A roadshow for you

Providence Care Ramping Up for Coming Health-care Demands

Open Standards

Platforms and Open Standards

Standards Executives Convene the Inaugural Standards Leadership Council Forum

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