20120705 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

20120704 Open Source Everything Highlights

The Open-Source Everything Manifesto (NCDD Resource Center)

Open Source

A Tale Of Open Source

Ecoscape / Open Source Architecture

Linux and Open Source

(Malaysia)  Red Hat Pathway To Help Enterprises Realise Open Source Business Value

Singapore inches toward open source

Steve Kondik, progenitor of CyanogenMOD, speaks about Android, openness and open-source at Google I/O (video)

The Five Biggest Blunders You Can Make Pushing for Open Source Adoption at Board Level

Free/Open Source Software (FOSS or F/FOSS)

58 best free PC software apps from Microsoft

Apple and Samsung drop additional claims against each other ahead of U.S. trial

A Simple Checklist To Safely Installing Free Software Without All The Junk

As We Celebrate our Nation’s Independence, Help The Web Stay Free As Well ~By John Hamilton

Free Computing and Internet Software

Free Software Foundation recommendations for free operating system distributions considering Secure Boot

Open Access

Lumerical Provides Open Access to Simulation Engine in FDTD Solutions 8.0 Release

Open Code

Collide: A Dead Google Project Now Open-Source

Hire Reliable WordPress Development At Open Source Web Development

How hackers can code a better America

Open Courseware

Content is King—3 Open Courseware Opportunities for Writers

Open Data

Filling Your Open Data Catalog

Open Data Movement

Open Data – The Democratic Imperative

Why Open Government Data Would Not Be a Good Idea for Yemen

Open Education

Open Equal Free

Open Governance/Government

(Canada) Open Government Update: Parliamentary Committees Spent 47% of Meeting Time in Secret in June

Job: Program Manager, Open Government Partnership, DC

(Long Island) Robert J Freeman Addresses NSWCA

Report on open governance network building in Uganda

(Sierra Leone) OGI sets to embark on nationwide survey

‘Top-two’ primary campaign submits signatures

Value of open government immeasurable

Win for open government, but bad signal from 4 justices

Open Journalism

Open journalism – Ariel Peled of PUBLICi at the Activate Summit

Open Journalism & Partecipazione

Open Knowledge

Progressive Paleontology 2012

Scaling the Open Knowledge Ecosystem

Open Manufacturing

[tt] [Open Manufacturing] Fwd: [MakerBot] 3D Printing Camp (Madison, Wisconsin)

Open Media

Open Media Challenge, September, Bucharest

Open Media: Documentary & Discussion

Open Mobile

Everything you need to know about Firefox OS: Mozilla’s mobile play

Open Science

RSC gives recommendations for open science

Open Source Games

Open Source Game Summer Screen Shorts 2012 #1

Open Source Software

Announcing Recline.JS: a Javascript library for building data applications in the browser

Astun Technology Powers Exactrak Web based Mapping

Open Source Content Management Systems Offer Wider Range of Functionality for Horton Group Clients

Open Standards

Is a community approach to IT security ever safe?

ECJ Microsoft judgment: grist for royalty free open standards

The Economic Realities of Open Standards Black White and Many

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