20120707 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

20120706 Open Source Everything Highlights

Filmmaker to attempt year of Open Source Everything

Open Source Life: How the open movement will change everything

Open Source

Like Open Source? For Collaboration, Try Group-Office 4.0

Mozilla Foundation and EFF join hunt for Syrian open source developer

Q&A: Harris president Jim Traficant on the ‘genius’ vision of open source in VA and DoD iEHR

Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FOSS, FLOSS, F/OSS)

Free software?

Free Software Foundation on Secure Boot

Open source incest: GPL forked by its coauthor

Open Access

Open Access by Peter Suber

What should society journals do about open access?

Open Art

Art is Open Source

Open Cloud

RE: The Future of The Gamanig “Free Open Cloud System”

Open Data

10-12 Jul 2012 Open Data: 50 Countries, 100 Speakers and the Power of Ideas

(Canada) Minister Bhullar to bring ideas about innovations on open data back to Alberta

(Hawaii): Mayor Peter Carlisle issues Open Data letter to Department heads

Open Data, Government and Transparency

Open Ecosystem

Google Chasing Dreams and Burning Bridges with the Nexus 7

India plays key role in Red Hat’s global plans

Microsoft Outlines Massive Azure Additions

Mike Morotti Joins Medsphere Systems as Vice President of Sales

Mozilla unveils new smartphone OS

Talend Targets Enterprise with New Big Data Features

Twitter: You’ve promised an ‘open ecosystem’ and free accessibility of our data

Open Education

16-18 Oct 2012 Open Education Conference Schedule

Open for voting: “Why Open Education Matters” video competition

Open Games

Anywhere Board Games takes free open source gaming to Google+ hangouts [Freeware]

Open Geospatial

9 Sep 2012 Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) North American Open Standards Exposition

Open Governance/Open  Government

A New Way of Measuring Openness: The Open Governance Index

Arizona: Brewer cancels Legislature’s special session

Arizona: The “Open Government” Initiative Is Utter Trash

California: Group charges county violated open meeting law

Malaysia: Sinar Project to keep people well informed – Tech News

Open Human Relations (HR)

Atlassian’s big experiment with performance reviews

Open Media

Coventry Open Media

Large petition against TPP’s Internet trap hand-delivered to negotiations in San Diego

Open Mobile

open mobile safari page in google chrome app

Open Science

Featured Site: Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute

How open can we go?

Open Skies

Pilots plot to save Qantas

Open Source Software

Beliefs and Misbeliefs about Open Source Software

European Research Team Launches Open- Source Imaging Software to Aid Cell Function Analysis

GitList – Open Source Git Repository Viewer With PHP

Open Source Content Management Systems Offer Wider Range of Functionality for Horton Group Clients

Sqlmap: Open Source SQL Injection and Penetration Testing Tool Builds Buzz

Open Society

Christopher Stone: My Role at the Open Society Foundations

 Open Space Technology

What Is Open Space Technology?

Open Standards

9 Sep 2012 Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) North American Open Standards Exposition

Open Textbooks

Orange Grove Open Textbook FAQs

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