20120708 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

20120707 Open Source Everything Highlights

Open Source

Five Common Myths about Open Source [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mandriva Joins OW2 to Spur Enterprise Innovation in the Open Source Community

Free/Libre/Open Source (FLOSS, FOSS F/OSS)

Event: FOSS.IN Nov.29th- Dec.1st, India

Free software campaigner Richard Stallman cancels Israel lectures due to Palestinian pressure

Free Software is cooperative

German court doubts that Android infringes Apple's touch event model patent

Interview Charles H. Schulz (On LibreOffice)

Red Hat & Ubuntu's UEFI Solutions Not Good For FOSS

What Makes Digital Inclusion Good or Bad?

LibreOffice/Software Libre

El documental de linux y software libre Revolution OS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyNoEZ … ‪#linux‬ ‪#freesoftware‬ ‪#softwarelibre

LibreOffice -> Alfresco Connection & Projects

LibreOffice coming to Android

USN-1495-1: LibreOffice vulnerabilities

Open Access

Open Access Journal: Princeton/Stanford Working Papers in Classics

Open access policy strengthened by Wellcome Trust

Open Access – Recent Developments around the World

Retail competition, open access to empower consumers (of electricity)

Open Cloud

An introduction to Open Cloud Sam Johnston, President, Open Cloud Initiative (Video)

ASUS Open Cloud Computing (AOCC) (Video)

The Open Cloud (Rackspace)

Open Collaboration

Like Open Source? For Collaboration, Try Group-Office 4.0

Open Democracy/Open Elections

(Arizona) Dist. 28 (formerly 11) recertifies its RINO status

(Arizona) More trouble for the ‘Open Elections/Open Government Act' initiative

Committee for Open Democracy

Open Governance/Open Government

(Arizona) Brewer, lawmakers show insecurity, contempt for voters

(Arizona) The “Open Government” Initiative Is Utter Trash

International Open Government Data Conference

Open Data: 50 Countries, 100 Speakers and the Power of Ideas

Open Hardware

Solutions Linux 2012: où en est-on sur l'Open Hardware?

Welcome Chris Anderson as our Keynote Speaker!

Open Knowledge

File:Open Knowledge Festival 2012 – introductory presentation by Kat Braybrooke.pdf

We launched Open Knowledge Foundation @OKFN Japan Group, and started “Where Does My Money Go” for Yokohama city. ‪#opengov‬ ‪#opendata‬ ‪#OKFN

Open Mobile/OpenBTS

‘Firefox OS': Mozilla's open mobile project based on HTML5

Mozilla will open mobile operating-system with Alcatel and ZTE

Open Skies

Russian Observation Aircraft Takes to Canadian Skies Under International Treaty

Open Society

Song: Free and Open Society – Steng

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Efforts to preserve online freedom reveal threats

(India) Chandra panel bats for open source intel gathering

Open Space Technology

Media in category “Open space technology”

Open Spirituality

An Open Spirituality / Religion / Theology Forum

Open Standards

On “Open” and Open Standards

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