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Open Source Everything

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Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency-Truth-Trust, & True Cost


Social Crowdfunding – Monetizing the Margins

What It’s Like Raising $1 Million In Less Than 10 Hours To Crush The Xbox


From Crowdsourcing Crisis Information to Crowdseeding Conflict Zones

Ouya Breaks Kickstarter Records


Develop 2012: Crowdsourcing app development cultivates rather than complicates games, says Valve’s Jason Holtman

Live Music Fans Design New Smartphone Interactive Experience

Reply SpA : Starbytes, Reply’s crowdsourcing platform, is now available to Italian companies

Three Steps to More Original Content for Your Website: Crowdsourcing Matures

Village, Firm May Partner to Help Garner Community Input On Route 59 Future

What can Crowdsourcing do for You?


19 July Crowdopolis

29 Sep 2012 Open Hardware Summit

29 Nov to 1 Dec 2012 FOSS.in 2012 takes place, again, in Bangelore, India


10 Free Windows Programs Every PC Owner Should Install Immediately

29 Nov to 1 Dec 2012 FOSS.in 2012 takes place, again, in Bangelore, India

An Android Tablet Victory May Be Problematic For Free Software

LibreOffice 3.5.5 update improves stability

Nokia hits RIM with three more patents in Munich

Small Copyleft.next Open Source Software License Project Attracts Big Interest

These Boots Aren’t Made for Walkin’

Open Source (General)

Open Source and Open Standards – POST Note

Open Source Projects Don’t Die, They Get Reborn as Forks

Open Access

Part 1: A Primer on Open Access Publishing by Jason Colditz

(Europe) Analysis: Lessons from the pharmaceutical industry on IP licences

(Greece) Hesperia Provides Open Access to More than 1,500 Articles

Is Open Access a Moral or a Business Issue? A Conversation with The Pennsylvania State University Press

Open Access Visibility Statistics for Clinical Medicine Insights: Endocrinology and Diabetes

(United Kingdom) Digital resources: researchers need better access and more training

(Wales) CCW to review access to mountain, moor and heath

Open Art / Open Visualization

the real-time life of cities transforms into usable knowledge, at Information Visualization 2012

Open Ballots / Open Elections

(Arizona) Open Letter to Legislature

Lawsuit on the horizon for top-two primary?

Open BTS / Open Moko

Best way to update OpenBTS?

Open Cloud

OpenNebula quietly keeps building its open-source cloud

Sony’s Acquisition of Gaikai to Nourish Vita and Enrich PlayStation

Open Code

Open-source Ouya gaming platform killing it on Kickstarter

Open Communication

Open Communication Is A Must For Success And Happiness

Should there be Open Communication in a Job Search?

Open Culture

Open Education for a Global Economy

The Evolution of the Moon: 4.5 Billions Years in 2.6 Minutes (+ More Great Culture Links).

“Volvo has an open culture and atmosphere”

Open Cyber

Lunarline Announces Participation in U.S. Cyber Command Conference

Open Data

Delivering Data in Science

Open Public Services: one year on

Social Crowdfunding – Monetizing the Margins

Survey: How open is your data?

(United Kingdom) Gaping ‘open data’ loophole could leave your privates on display

(United Kingdom) Government Open Data User Group Holds First Meeting

(United Kingdom) Lambeth council makes open data pledge

(United Kingdom) Open Data User Group to help unleash the potential of open data

Open Education

10 Real-Life Open Education Success Stories

Open Education for a Global Economy

Open education, open source, and the dilemma over e-textbooks

(YouTube) Open Education Recording Jan 28 2011

Open Governance / Open Government

(California) Advocates allege Monrovia violated open meeting law

(Florida) Rhyne: Teaching kids about open government

Live updates from the International Open Government Data Conference

Open Public Services: one year on

Sese and Taha open government-led Darfur conference

Two judicial campaign forums on tap this week

Open Hardware

29 Sep 2012 Open Hardware Summit

Open Hardware Keychain

OUYA A $99 Open Games Platform Gets $1 million – For What?

Ouya Launches $99 Open Source, Grassroots-Funded Gaming Console to Take on Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony

Open Innovation

Kraft seeks ‘radical and inventive’ solution to environmentally-friendly gum base challenge

LCOI-API Series: Introducing the Lilly Clinical Open Innovation API

Now is the time for open innovation

Open Innovation: A Not-So-Secret Recipe

Open Innovation Past and Present: an Exclusive Interview with Henry Chesbrough

ROBOTECH 2012 Kicks Off

Open Journalism

Just Published: Open Journalism From The World Editors Forum

Press Release: Just Published: Open Journalism From The World Editors Forum

Open Knowledge

(OpenSpending) Athens to Berlin – a European Financial Profile

Open Media

Open Media Challenge (OMC)

Open Media – ‘Stop The Meter’ Campaign

Open Meetings

(California)  New Law Exempts Cap and Trade from Open Meetings

(Michigan) Did NMU violate Open Meetings Act?

(New Mexico) Letter: School board and open meetings act

(Texas) Attorney: EPISD trustees unclear on overseeing auditor

(Utah) Lawsuit accuses Uintah County commissioners of violating Open Meetings Act

(Utah)  Vernal attorney sues county over closed oil-shale meeting

Open Records

(California) Open records crusader says he’s going after Industry

(Colorado) Elbert County commisioners named in lawsuit over open-records requests

(Indiana) Dems claim Mourdock office withheld document from open records request

Minn. case probes public data in outsourced work

(New Jersey)  Court: New Jersey Public Law Clinics Aren’t Subject to Open Records Law

(New Jersey) Secaucus developer loses open-records case against Rutgers legal clinic

(Texas)  Newspaper seeks public records on 911 system outage from AT&T

Yukon school board decides not to appeal open records decision, posts audit online; Open Meeting Act violations remain unresolved

Open Science

Delivering Data in Science

Elizabeth Iorns – How Science Exchange promotes Open Science

Open science and reproducible research

Open Security

AlienVault Raises $34 Million for Open Source Based Unified Security Management

Open-source security software firm AlienVault scores $22.4m from KPCB and Sigma

Open Society

Angola: IMF Should Insist on Audit

Decriminalization of Drugs as HIV Prevention

Soros seizing world’s resources?

Open Software

One day, three deals, $150 million in open source funding

Open source Java projects: TomEE

SME Server is a leading Open Source distribution for small and medium enterprises.

Verizon Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G added to Android Open Source Project, ‘no plans’ to add Sprint Galaxy Nexus

Open Spectrum / Community (Free) Wi-Fi

Old NYC payphones transformed into free Wi-Fi hotspots

Open Standards

Collaboration: Open Standards that will Drive the Future of Collaboration

LightEdge Solutions Achieves Gold Level Status as a Polycom Choice Partner

Open computing is dead (long live open computing!)

Open Source and Open Standards – POST Note

Polycom Expands Its Ecosystem to Nearly 7,000 Partners to Deliver the Most Complete Solutions for Open, Standards-Based Unified Communications Through the Polycom Partner Network

True Cost

(Canada) Energy Professionals: True Cost Plant of Gas Plant Flip-Flops Well Over $180 Million

(Canada) The real cost of the convention centre

(Massachusetts)  True cost of Big Dig exceeds $24 billion with interest, officials determine

The True Cost of a Bad Hire [INFOGRAPHIC]

(United Kingdom) ‘Cost of production milk contracts fall short’

(United Kingdom) Dairy farmer protests: the true cost of milk

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