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Open Source Everything

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All the Opens Below the Line.  Also Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency-Truth-Trust, & True Cost


(Boston) A Kickstarter for Academic Research

Collaboration And Crowd-Funding Are Keys to Raising Capital For Local-focused, Small Businesses with Social Missions

Crowdzu Launches Highly Anticipated Global Crowdfunding Platform

(Indiana) Crowd Funding Survey Defines Starting Point For Small Businesses

(Japan) Fan-sourced funding site seeks followers

New Console Passes $2 Million in Crowd Funding

(United Kingdom) How to use crowd funding to finance your business?


Coding in the Congo


A New Era in Innovation?

BBC uses crowd-sourcing to test value of metadata

[Crowd Leader: David Alan Grier] Can We Fix Errors in Innovation?

Crowdsourcing Ad-Maker Poptent Raises $5.5 Million From MK Capital

Crowdsourcing Copywriting Services

DARPA crowdsourcing tank design to speed up heavy weapons development

How ‘crowdsourcing’ can improve employee reviews

(India) IdeaDemocracy: An online design and communication crowd-sourcing agency

(New Zealand) Image content recognition, crowd-sourcing and kiwis

Socially Responsible Crowdsourcing


Debian GNU/Linux seeks alignment with Free Software Foundation

Education System using free software

Free software for inspecting your video

Free Versus Open: Does Open Source Software Matter In The Cloud Era?

How Autodesk Helps Design a Better World

LibreOffice for Android advances, document viewer is on the way

Open Access

#ESOF2012 – interview with US National Science Foundation chief Dr Subra Suresh

ArduSat, the first open source microsatellite, accessible platform with open access to the public!

‘Big Data’ Journal GigaScience Makes Its Debut

Bulgaria: Budget Expenses in Open Access

Finch Report Reignites OA Storm

IET Launches Open Access Engineering Megajournal

Large and linked in scientific publishing the launch of big data journal GigaScience

Open Access Report: The Anatomy of Egyptian Revolution: From 25th of January to the New Constitution

Open Access – What’s a Learned Society To Do?

Will EU force BT to light up dark fibre?

Open Cable

Want your MTV? Let’s open source television

Open Cloud

Lew Moorman: Open Cloud Key to Modern Networking

Open Culture

(United Kingdom) Open Culture Call for Artists & Makers

(United Kingdom) Open Culture Centre

Open Data

Aalto introduces a search engine for biomedical experiments

Announcing the CKAN Partner programme

Call for Participation: An Open Data Survey

(Canada) Minister Clement Highlights Government’s Innovation Efforts in Open Data

(Canada)  Toronto’s open-data Jedi departs

Continuing the conversation about Open Data

Decentralised Open Data at PMOD

Open Data Creates Accountability

Open Data for College Affordability and Better Student Outcomes

Open Education

Open Education for a Global Economy – NYTimes.com

(Virginia) Open Education Curriculum

Open Governance / Open Government

FOIA keeps government business in the open

Health Data Innovation at the International Open Government Data Conference

(Oklahoma) Hinton chamber president signs FOI Oklahoma’s Open Government Pledge

(Sierra Leone)  Southern region welcomes OGI survey

Open Hardware

Another way around Linux’s Windows SecureBoot problem

Open source games console raises $2m in 24 hours

Video of the Day: Four Ways to Manufacture Open Hardware

Open Innovation

(Asia-Pacific) APAC More Open to Committing Resources for Innovation: Survey

(California) Making Business Model Innovation

(India) IEEE Standards Association to Participate in Two Panel Discussions at Zinnov Globalization Summit 2012 in India

(New York) Talking Open Innovation with Henry Chesbrough

(United Kingdom) GFT Launches Innovation House Process

(USA) InnoCentive and Prize4Life Launch Prize Competition to Unlock Mysteries of Disease Progression in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Patients

Open Journalism

Open journalism: The Importance of Openness in the Media

Open License Management

White Source Announces General Availability of Open Source License Management Service

Open Meetings

(California) LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Agenda notice requirements suspended

(Georgia) Austell officials deny Open Meetings violation claim

(Kansas) Vote may have violated law

(Michigan) Authorities investigate city for open meetings violation

(New York) Buffalo School Board OKs superintendent pact

(Texas)  El Paso schools trustees say open meetings laws prevent them from supervising internal auditor; lawyer says that interpretation flat wrong

(Utah) Uintah County commissioners sued over Open Meetings Act

Open Records

(Colorado) Elbert County man sues over public records dispute

(District of Columbia) Government transparency advocates oppose D.C. open records law restrictions at city council hearing

(District of Columbia) Gray presses ahead with open records changes

Open Science

Sandian finds combination to open science connections

Open Security

Finding a list of security advisory resources for open source platforms

Open Society

Africa: Social Media Skills for African Youth With Disabilities

Angola: Joint Letter to Managing Director Lagarde Re. July 11 Executive Board Meeting On Angola

Declaration of Internet Freedom Launched

Laws and Policies Affecting Sex Work

Open Spectrum

Internet rights, open spectrum and online security at the 2012 Allied Media Conference

Open Software

How To Recruit Open-Source Developers

Teaching the open source way: An interview with Sameer Verma

Open Standards

Opengear Offers Wide Variety of Solutions Geared Toward Open Standards

Open Vocabularies

Linked Open Vocabularies Now an Official OKF Project

True Cost

Students show the true cost of education

The Big Dig Cost $24 Billion — Worth It?

The True Cost of Health Care Reform? Part 2

The true cost of synthetic turf in Rockville Centre

True Monetary Value of iPhones and Smartphones is Deceptively High

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