20120715 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

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All Opens Below Line .  Also Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost

Crowd Funding

All Natural Ice Cream Start-up is Seeking Community Involvement and Crowd-Funding to Open First Location with Kickstarter’s Help

Local artists turn to crowd-funding site Kickstarter to get support for their projects

Crowd Seeding

Patrick Meier: Crowd-Seeding – This is HUGE Advance

Crowd Sourcing

@Duolingo Founder Talks #Crowdsourcing, Challenges Of Startups On @Reddit http://bit.ly/N3pzMC  #INcrowd #crowdsourced


Damages figures like the $147M verdict against RIM could make smartphones unaffordable

FOSS India  Speaker/Talks Registration now closed

Stone County Sheriff Fights Cyber-Crime With Free Software For Families

Open Access

Ask Peter Suber Questions About Open Access for our Upcoming Podcast

EU agency lifts lid on drug data secrets

Free access to British scientific research to be available within two years

New Open-Access Publisher Copies Another’s Name

Open access can help in reducing power tariffs: IEX

open…: The Warehousing And Delivery Of Digital Goods? Nearly Free, Pretty Easy, Mostly Trivial

Open Cloud

Exploring Open Cloud Computing Interface

Hauwai launches open cloud resolution and creation centre

Open Code

Get the edge Blend Radius using NX Open Code ?

Open Communication

Creating an Open Communication Environment

Open Communication Is A Must For Success And Happiness

Open communication with fans

Thread: Open communication with men: myth?

Open Culture

Tom Waits reads Charles Bukowski’s poem, The Laughing Heart. Old and still gold: http://cultr.me/avEULa

Open Data

Is Open Data a Boon or a Bane?

Italian Local Government Warms to Open Source

Open Education

Our Big List of 500 Free Courses Featured by The Young Turks

Open Governance / Open Government

Ecosystems & Openness

Editorial: Let’s permanently protect rules of open government

Jaquith Profiled as Open Government Champion by Sunlight Foundation

Open Hardware

Open Hardware Eliminates Microsoft’s ‘Secure Boot’

Using Arduino / Freeduino as AVR ISP Programmer

Open Innovation

OpenInnovation: Past and Present

Open Innovation Requires a Different Kind of Communication with Customers, says BASF Innovation Executive

Open Knowledge

Breaking Open the Digital Commons to Fight Corporate Capitalism

Open Media

[ANNOUNCE] Alpha release of Open Media Player

(India) It’s sheer lunacy to give free airtime to Pak hate-mongers

Park Brook Elementary Open Media

Open Meetings

Is transparency a thing of the past?

Open Mobile

Data for Development: An Open Mobile Data Challenge

Heinrich Arnold – Be Safe In An Open Mobile World


Results for #jollaspec

Open Records

(Colorado) Statewide Investigation Reveals Dozens of Alleged Illegal Voters

S.C. judge: Autopsy reports aren’t open records

Open Science

Hypothes.is: The Future of the Internet and Peer Review

Open Society

Vacancies: At Home in Europe Project, Open Society Institute

Open Software

Black Duck Software Reports Record Q2 Sales, Third Largest Quarter In Company History

Bristol extends open source adoption to document management

Create Visually Striking Website with Drupal Web

Everything you need to know about APC (Alternate PHP cache)

hivemind project is now open-source

Interview: Edd Dumbill on the Drivers of Open Source at OSCON

Open source graphics drivers for the Raspberry Pi on the way

This Week in the Cloud: Funding, VMware and Open-Source

Thread: Apertus Axiom – Open Source Cinema Camera Announced

XBMC will bring its open-source media center to Android

Open Standards

Interviews- with a Corporate Security Risk Expert & a Forensics, Investigation Gadfly (in a gloriously good way)!

Open Standards for ATM

Open Standards in Government IT: A Review of the Evidence

Open Textbooks

The Value of Open Textbooks

True Cost

Gay or Not: The Real Cost of That Gandhi Auction That Never Was


The eTextbook unConference

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