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Open Source Everything

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All Opens Below Line .  Also Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


400 Funders: What crowd funding is about

Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards (CAPS) program

Kickstarter to rev up UK crowd-funding scene

Sydney Crowd Funds Young Innovators

UAE crowd funding site eyes investment flurry


7 Ways to Keep Your Crowd Grinning

Crowdsourcing for Human Rights Monitoring: Challenges and Opportunities for Information Collection & Verification

Crowdsourcing: Singapore Land Authority offers map-based tools

The Ever Expanding Dynamic World of Internet Crowdsourcing


Collection of Free Software for Web Designers and Developers

Pedro Hernandez Open Source Software Libre de Costo (in Spanish)

Yahoo Analytics is Dead – Piwik is a Free Software that Will Work Forever!

Open Source (General)

Hippo And Incentro Help Customers Optimize The Return On Information

How can open source technology help build an enterprise?

Karlsson on databases and stuff

Press Release: Middle East open source technology adoption to accelerate easy and inexpensive building of intelligent enterprises

Top 10 categories for Big Data sources and mining technologies

Open Access

Open access introductory anthro courses?

Open-Access of UK-Funded Science Papers Will Start in 2013

Open Access Publishing – but who will pay?*

Open access science debate shifts to EU after UK government backing

Predictable Problems — The UK’s Move to Open Access

The writing on the (open access) wall

UK Officials: Government-Funded Research Must Be Made Available Open Access

UK Pushes Open Access

U.K. Says It Will Move to Open Access for Publicly Funded Research

Willetts: all science research to be open access by 2014

Open Ballots / Open Elections

Coalition for Free & Open Elections (COFOE) Holds Board Meeting

Open Cloud

Open Cloud: Where Do We Stand? (Philippe Scoffoni)

Open Code

How the Open Source Movement Affects Web Designers

Open Communication

How Family Communication Can Influence Our Political Identities


“Yes” Doesn’t Count If You Can’t Say “No”

Open Data

Ex-gov man McCluggage on G-Cloud’s slow descent

Minister Clement Highlights Government’s Innovation Efforts in Open Data

Open Data and the Personalisation of Experience

Open Data for a Clean, Secure Energy Future

Taking open data offline (and back again)

Open Democracy

25 Ways To Get Things Done In A Bureaucracy

Nationalise the BBC

Open Education

Adopt e-learning, state urge

Open Education for a Global Economy (NYT Replay)

Open Education Resources

Oxford College of Marketing Provides Open Access to Their Digital Courses

Topic 7: Open education resources

Open Governance / Open Government

Lacierda promotes Aquino administration’s transparency in WB meet

Report from the International Open Government Data Conference

Unleashing the Potential – the UK Open Data White Paper

Open Hardware

Boot up: Google’s hardware dream?, open data closure, how Dropbox thrived, iOS in China and more

Hardware Hacks: The Raspberry Pi is everywhere

Hot List: Open Hardware Projects

Influential indies on the brouhaha around Ouya

Open Source Hardware Enterprises

Open Innovation

CFP: OI in Web 2.0

Many engaged in open innovation discussions

Nominations Open – Top 50 Innovation Tweeters of 2012

Open Intelligence (Open Source Intelligence, OSINT)


Open source offense could be our best defense against cyberattacks

Open Journalism

How to crowdmap using n0tice

Open Records

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: Status of beaches from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Open Science

A victory for science as Britain opens research up

Do-It-Yourself Biotech Labs

Open and Shut: Jonathan Eisen’s Open Science talk at #ISMB #BOSC2012

Open Security

Open-Source Security Tools

Open Skies

Israeli Transport Minister Katz comes under diplomatic pressure to ink Open Skies pact

Open Society

Can state leaders do a good job?

Introducing the 2013 Moving Walls Photographers

Migrant Communities Will Fight SB1070

Russian Web Blackout in Protest at Censorship Law

Open Software

An Open Source Social Network App – Movim

(Fiji) Foundation introduces software

Simperium: Our pricing and open source strategy

Open Standards

Collaboration: Open Standards that will Drive the Future of Collaboration

Open Standards in Government IT: A Review of the Evidence

Predictive Analytics on Hadoop: Gaining Faster Insights through Open Standards

SugarCRM Expands Its Leadership Position in Development of Social Business Open Standards

Open Vocabularies

The brilliant Linked Open Vocabularies project now part of the Open Knowledge Foundation network. Read all about it http://bit.ly/M0t8Bt

True Cost

(Australia) Businesses forced to dump carbon tax hike on customers

Lebanon’s Trash Theatre & the True Cost of Rubbish (INTERVIEW)

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