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Open Source Everything

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All Opens Below Line .  Also Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


After difficulty with the banks, 10-year-old Dynomighty Design looks to online funding to “kickstart” their next chapter

Allegation: Kickstarter Is Still Hiding Data About Failed Projects

(Australia) Tweet puts Techno-Priscilla on bus

Black Salt Martial Arts Comic Book Series Launches Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign

Hawaiian Optics New Asian Fit Eyewear optimal for Crowd Funding and EB-5 Visa Program

Is Crowd Funding Right For Your Business?

Ouya’s video game console Kickstarter tops $5M raised so far (exclusive interview)

Surf movie reaches to the crowd

UAE crowd funding site eyes investment flurry

(United Kingdom) Spotlight on crowd-funding: Jocelyn Bain Hogg’s London


Clozette CEO Roger Yuen joins crowdsourcing week as senior advisor for Asia Pacific

Fortune 500 Crowdsourcing is a Force to be Reckoned With

Government by Crowdsourcing: SDOT’s Blog

How crowdsourcing could help startups

Power To The People: The Trouble With Crowd-Sourcing

Science by crowdsourcing

(United Kingdom) Our Opportunity to Remake Government

Vacant Lots: Crowd-Sourcing The Sustainable Neighborhood


Linus Goes for 7 on Linux 3.5 as CentOS and LibreOffice Move Forward

Linux Developers Step Up to the Secure Boot Challenge

Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.0 brings faster, smarter detection

Proposed jury instructions show that Apple has Samsung on the run

Will open source office suites go the way of Thunderbird?

Open Access

EU Commission backs open-access science publishing

EU Pledges Free Access to Science Research Sponsored by Brussels

Open Access Benefits Journals Over Science

Open Access Geoscience Data Journal launched by Wiley

Open access means a bright future for scientific research

Technology: Open access to scientific data

Open Art

Art is Open Source

Open Ballots / Open Elections

(Arizona) Save Our Vote to challenge Open Elections initiative

Open Cloud

BlazeMeter Releases the ‘Holy Grail’ of Cloud Testing for Open Source Drupal

Chef Offers a Recipe for the Open Source Cloud

Cloud versus open source

Linux, Open Source & Ubuntu: OpenStack Is Pushing Ahead in the Open-Source Cloud Space

OpenStack Open-Source Cloud Platform Celebrates Second Anniversary

OpenStack Turns Two, Will Fragmentation Hurt the Open Source Cloud Platform?

Open Courseware / Open Education

Coursera Strikes Partnerships with 12 Universities, Raises More $$$, Announces a Long List of Courses

Open Data

Bulgaria to join the establishment of pan-European open data portal: ministry

(California) Code for Oakland: Hackathon to build a civic web Saturday

(Canada) Minister Clement Highlights Government’s Innovation Efforts in Open Data

Data Protocols: community-based, light-weight data protocols for collaborative, distributed work with data

(Hawaii) Honolulu’s Open Transit Data Key For iPhone Users

How the New iPhone Will Expose Cities Lagging on Open Data

Taking open data offline (and back again)

Open Games / Open Gaming

Open-Source Gaming

Open Governance / Open Government

(California) What The Mayoral Candidates Say About Open Government

(Florida)  Lt. Gov’s Former Aide Calls For Investigation

Getting to the Bottom of Statistics: Software Utilizes Data from the Internet for Interpreting Statistics

(Israel) MKs likely to go under social media microscope with new open Knesset website

(Kenya) Almost There | An Insight Into Kenyan Open Data Apps

(Maryland) Greater Baltimore Tech Council Groundwork hackathon to analyze open data for civic good

(New Jersey) Open government has to be taken seriously

(Sierra Leone) OGI concludes countrywide CRC Survey

(USA)  Obama’s transparency record: lots of data, not as much sunlight

(Washington) In Our View: Pridemore and Watkins

(Washington) Open government important to the city of Maple Valley

Open Hardware

Desperately seeking Google: Facebook’s open-hardware crusade is still missing its biggest player

Raspberry Pi Open Source Graphic Drivers Arriving Soon

Open Health

OSEHRA & EHR: Finding value in open source EHR

Open Innovation

For More Open Collaborative Innovation Consulting

Looking at the figures – Global Markets for Nanotechnology

(Netherlands) ARCADIS NL appointed as a new Climate-KIC Core Partner

Open Intelligence

Open source offense could be our best defense against cyberattacks

Open Knowledge

Open Knowledge Foundation: Data Wrangling Handbook Sprints: July 18th in Portland! July 19th everywhere!

Social Media Pays Off

Open Meetings

(California) Advocacy Group Sues State Over Suspension of Open Government Provisions

(California) Open Government at Heart of Budget Cut

(Colorado) Open Meetings on Comprehensive Plan on July 24

(Delaware) Del. attorney general criticizes Dewey Beach officials for open meeting violations

(Kansas) Metro works to correct KOMA policy

(Oregon) Are Homeowner Associations subject to the Oregon Open Meetings

(Texas) SAISD’s closed-door meetings raising concerns

Open Mobile

Meego: Former “iPhone killer” open source phone OS is not dead yet

Open Moko

irclog2html for #openmoko on 20120713

Open Records

(New York) Records: Gov. Cuomo criticized for not using transparent software

(Missouri) Ex-officer to gain access to records

(Pennsylvania) Editorial: Sandusky scandal shows value of open records laws

(Texas)  State Bar of Texas sues Attorney General Greg Abbott over records in investigation into misused funds

Open Science

Life takes on new meanings

Water a big enemy of ice sheets: keynoter says at Portland science conference

Open Skies

Israel-EU open skies agreement still on hold

Israel May Join Treaty for Cheaper Airfares to Europe

Open Society

Decriminalizing Sex Work is the Best HIV Response

Open Society Foundations Announces Request for Proposals for Programs to Address Torture in Healthcare Settings

Police Routinely Confiscate Condoms from Sex Workers, Increasing HIV Risk Says Open Society Foundations

Open Software

Demandbase Offers Open Access to Real-Time Company Identification API

Open Space

Horses and Open Space

Open Standards


Philips and Daintree Take Lighting to the Next Level with Open, Standards-based Wireless Lighting Controls

ShoreTel Expands Support of Open Standards for Richer Unified Collaboration

Open Strategy

Robert Steele: Open Source Strategies for Enterprises and Nations

True Cost

(Canada) Duncan confirms $190 million tab for moving Mississauga gas plant

Full Disk Encryption Benefits far Exceed Cost According to Study by Ponemon Institute

The True Cost of Electric Power

(United Kingdom) Open access means a bright future for scientific research

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