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Open Source Everything

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All Opens Below Line .  Also Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


Business : Is crowd funding all its really cracked up to be?

Mobcaster Brings Crowd-Funding To Online Television [Interview]

Patriot Beverage Company Launches National Crowd Funding Campaign on IndieGoGo

Sydney film producers look to people power for funding

What Does Crowd Funding Mean?


‘B2C Grid’ Brings A High Performing Brand Within Reach Of Any Company

Blisstering m2Serve powers First-ever Drupal CrowdSourcing site, Start.ac

[Crowd Leader Neil Perry] Start Thinking Bigger! A Perspective on the Crowdsourcing Industry

Free software as a common – dicorinto – fossa2011

LearnCreate Hosts First Crowdsourced e-learning Course Challenge

Students to Benefit from Crowdsourcing


Call for Testing: Ubuntu LibreOffice packages

Can the Terms of the GPL Prevent GNU/Linux being used for War? [Includes list of open softwares now used by DoD]

FOSS Linux Virtualization Tools

Free software enhances dental video images

Helping the European Parliament to release its own free software

HTC countersues Apple over two U.S. patents it recently acquired from HP

Improved OOXML support for LibreOffice and OpenOffice

My Favorite Free Software! [Includes list with links]

Ohloh.net opens all data for community use

Substance helps you write long documents in the cloud, for free

Unlimited Checks: DIY Check Writing Software Saves North Carolina Users Time And Money

Open Access

“Data is the New Oil”: Open Access to Sweep Europe?

Elsevier to Participate in SCOAP3 With the Journals Physics Letters B and Nuclear Physics B

European Commission Announces Open Access Policy for Publicly Funded Research

Open Access Journals Reaching the Same Scientific Impact as Subscription Journals

Open access plan is no academic spring

Open Ballots / Open Elections

(Arizona) Open Primaries won’t change much of anything but its supporters are still insufferable

Open Cloud / Open Ecosystem

CloudPassage Halo Available through the Rackspace Cloud Tool Marketplace

New Relic joins the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace to Support Open Cloud Ecosystem

Rackspace Launches New Marketplace to Extend Open Ecosystem of Cloud Technologies

ScaleXtreme Joins the Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace to Support Open Cloud Ecosystem

SendGrid Collaborates With Rackspace to Support Open Cloud Ecosystem

Standing Cloud Extends Support for Open Cloud Ecosystem with New Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace Offering

Open Collaboration

WoW Moviewatch: Hunter

Open Communication

A Communication Prescription

Any Open Communication System Is Only As Good As The Morality Of The Humans Which Use It

Green Energy Corp VP sees value of open communication in the eye of the storm

Maintaining open communication in the classroom

Stay At Home Spouse Envy: Give Us A Break Ladies!

Open Courseware / Open Education

Open Praxis wants articles on open education

SA agency wins major US open education contest

Session 1: Basic princples of online teaching

Step Right Up for Your Free Johns Hopkins Education

Winners Announced! – Why Open Education Matters Video Competition (See Videos)

Open Culture

Open Culture at Twitter

Open Data

(Canada) Clement pushes government’s open data portal

Open Data and its use in Open Governance [Part 2]

Open Data Seminar

Open data user group’s Olympic launch sets tone for powerful future

Telcos Deny Trying To Turn FCC’s Open Network Diagnostics Into A Closed, Proprietary Affair [Included quote warning from Vint Cerf]

(United Kingdom) Information commissioner welcomes ‘step change’ in transparency

(United Kingdom) Open data group will have a ‘positive impact on public services’

Sunlight Foundation’s 33 Recommendations for Open Data Policies

Open Democracy

Profiting from punishment: should the private sector run children’s prisons?

Open Governance / Open Government

(Albania) “Open government is an international trend and an obligation”

Anti-democracy bill guts California open-government laws

(California) Board of Supervisors drags on appointing disabled person to task force, leaving it in political limbo

California suspends part of open meetings law, cities vow to comply anyway

(New Mexico) Lobbyist’s leaked emails offer a unique view of government’s inner workings and key players

(New Mexico) Sunshine group to talk with Rogers about board membership

Open Data and its use in Open Governance [Part 2]

Suit targets Arizona election measure

(Texas) Dallas has history of open records violations, as previously noted by Attorney General Greg Abbott

Open Hardware

Open Compute Project Driving Open-Source Hardware Development

Open hardware idea: high power 120V inverter

Toys Grow Up: LittleBits Picks Up $3.65M, PCH Deal To Build Out Its Open-Source Hardware Vision

We should start consider choosing open-hardware to go with our open-source software

Open Innovation

Innovation Insights

NanoQuébec’s I-Nano platform brings together problems, solvers

NextGen Topic: Civic Engagement & Open Innovation 7/26 @ 1:15

Open Innovation lab: e-Health (YouTube)

Open Intelligence

The Power of Open Source Intelligence

Open Journalism

Guardian’s open journalism project faces revenue and cost realities

ProPublica to open up news app desk after $1.9m Knight Foundation funding boost

Open Knowledge

Announcing the CKAN Partner programme

Apple tries to block iOS in-app purchase hack, fails

Open Manufacturing

[Open Manufacturing] Announce: CubeSpawn Ultimaker Module

Open Meetings

(Alabama) EDITORIAL: Private meetings violated spirit of the law

(California) We Need to Keep Open Meeting Rules

(Georgia) Flovilla officials: Meeting violated open-meetings law

(Kansas) After being questioned on executive session, council votes to open communications with Mulvane about water supply contract

(Texas) Closed meetings to evaluate board are called off

Open Mobile

Open Mobile Alliance proposes standard 2D barcode system for mobile phones

Open Records

(Delaware) Small towns face huge, new open-records burden

(Louisiana) Parish should produce documents

(Oklahoma) Hearing set to unseal records

(Texas) Dallas has history of open records violations, as previously noted by Attorney General Greg Abbott

Open Science

Antarctic researchers share their artistic side at public events

Google releases panoramic Antarctic images at Portland scientific conference

NineSigma Partners with Scientists Without Borders to Find New Sustainable Packaging for Micronutrient Powders that Combat Malnutrition

Open Science Ideas (Video)

Open Skies

(Cyprus) President Refers Open Skies Bill Back to House

(India) Treaty on Open Skies

Israel-EU open skies agreement still on hold

Kyrgyz applaud, denounce – open skies’ policy

MIDEAST MONEY-Gulf airlines set sights on Saudi skies

New law ‘catastrophe for Cyprus Airways’

Open Society

In Cambodia, “Greater Cooperation with the Government” Isn’t the Answer

New Jersey lawyer to head Soros society’s U.S. work

Training for coal-affected communities

Open Software

Big In Japan: Open Source NoSQL Company Basho Lands New $11.5 Million Round of Funding

Five must-have open source productivity tools

Gigabit Internet project is a makerspace in the making

Great open source map tools for Web developers

Mozilla Firefox 14 Secures Google Searches

Open Source Leaders to Keynote the Liferay North America Symposium

Publicly-funded scientific research should be freely accessible on the internet through one of two publisher funding models, says Commission

The Silent Majority of Experts

The tech patent war: We’re all paying for it

Time to Shine: Why Desktop Linux is Taking Over

Windward Announces New SharePoint Document Generation Software That Includes Open Source Component

Open Space (Technology)

Presentación OST + IA

Open Standards

Freelancer.com reveals the 50 fastest growing online jobs for Q2 2012

Platforms and Open Standards

Shah & Kesan on Open Standards

Making solar PV as simple as a refrigerator

Open Mobile Alliance proposes standard 2D barcode system for mobile phones

True Cost

McGuinty admits ‘genuine confusion’ over decision to move gas plant

Pension funds hide true cost to consumers

The true cost of not engaging your people

Wake up America: Olympic scandal reveals true cost of cheap clothes


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