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Open Source Everything

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


Aflamnah: Crowd-funding creativity

BBC Video Science and Crowd-Funding

Crowd funding: How to limit the risk of getting ripped off

Crowd-Funding Meets Food With Launch of Three Revolutions

Crowd Funding Versus Wall Street

Gamesplanet Lab: Kickstarter’s ‘crowd-creating’ competitor

Why not give residents tax credits for donations?


7 Hot Stocks to Trade (or Not)

InnoCentive and Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino Announce Winners in Challenge to Convert Big Data into Pothole Relief

Jamie Drummond on the Power of Crowdsourcing [VIDEO]

Local Entrepreneur Uses Crowd Sourcing to “Kickstart” New Business

OMB crowdsources regulatory reform

Want A Diagnosis For Your Mysterious Medical Condition? Ask The Crowd

YouTube (12:11) Jamie Drummond: Let’s crowd-source the world’s goals


28-29 Nov 2012 Paris OW2 announces OW2con’12: “The Open Source Alternative”


AMTdirect Introduces the Industry’s First and Only FREE Real Estate Management Software!

Free Resources to Help You Launch Your Open Source Project

Free Software Foundation (fsf)’s status

Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility appeals U.S. Android import ban won by Microsoft

Group:Free Software Foundation/Ideas

Japanese researchers use free software to enhance dental images

Free Software Foundation Europe Open Standards

Oracle Offers Free Software To Win New Linux Users

[Solved] Restrictions LibreOffice Portable install

Open Source (General)

4 Ways Dell Is Becoming An Open Source Company

Dell Opens Up To Open Source Again

Open Source for America Asks Administration to “Free the Code”

Open Source Impact

Open-source: so much more than just software and freebies

Open Access

Elsevier launches new open access journal on general respiratory medicine

Fair access needed for North Dakota pipeline builders: lawmaker

IEX hosts workshop on Electricity Exchange

RSC launches £1 million Gold for Gold as Open Access transition begins

The News from Edinburgh and Open Repositories 2012

Open Cloud

Office 365 Open: Microsoft Cloud Attracts MSP Interest

Red Hat, Open Source and Enterprise Cloud Adoption

StillSecure to offer two cloud security applications through Rackspace cloud

Zarafa in the Capgemini Open Cloud

Open Code

Open Source for America Asks Administration to “Free the Code”

Open Communication

(Australia) Neil Craig keeping the lines open in Melbourne coaching role

(Italy)  Trentino joins Italy’s open source alliance

Open Culture

“Copy, Paste, Create”, a Free Online Book in Spanish on Open Culture and Piracy

Everything Seemed So Possible

Rare Film: Claude Monet at Work in His Famous Garden at Giverny, 1915

Open Cyber

(United Kingdom)  Government calls on academia to train tomorrow’s cyber security experts

Open Data

Facebook comes to OSCON to promote open data center design

FOI Notes: Research Calls, Grants, Job Opening, Reports

Microsoft Plays Well With Open Source

Report: New iPhone Will Lean on Open Data for Maps

Streaming Data is One Thing, Interpreting It is Another

Open Democracy

Confessionalization fundamentalism: commodifying religious identities in the Middle East

The struggle for security and against terrorism in Yemen: in whose interests?

Open Ecosystem

Welcome to the age of the open ecosystem

Open Education

Six African countries join AVU as Member states

Open Games

Where can i find open source games using DirectX?

Open Geospatial

First open source initiative for CARIS

Open Governance / Open Government

(California) EDITORIAL: Is open government now at risk?

(Philippines) International Community Awaits PNoy Action on FOI; Joins National Demand for Political Will

(Wisconsin) Schimel got it wrong again on open government

Open Hardware

Facebook exec: Celebration “premature” until OEMs open source their x86 systems

Hardware Hub: Feature Requests?

MIDI Control Platform: One Open Box, Any Notes, Harmonies, and Rhythms [Gallery]

Open Hardware Logo for objects (OpenSCAD)

TED Video: Massimo Banzi on Open Hardware

Open Innovation

Dell Opens Up To Open Source Again

From a doctor’s problem to a new product: Startup pilots healthcare innovation platform

InnoCentive Hosts Webinar with Air Force Research Lab, Wright Brothers Institute IDEA Lab Exploring Benefits of Prize-Based Competitions

L’affaire Lichtenthaler, Part Deux

Open Innovation – A follow up to the Business Hub Breakfast

Turning Paris into an open-air laboratory for innovation

YouTube (2:33) Open Innovation Lab

Open Journalism

Guardian open journalism: festivals from the frontline

Open journalism: Hosting global conversations on BBC World Have Your Say

Open Life

2012.07.17 All Access Call

Open Media

Peer Review by Open Media – new innovation or threat to established protocol??

Open Meetings

(Alabama) Fired Alabama Public Television executive says commission violated state open meetings act

(California) Emerald Wants A Commitment To Open Government

(California) Group sues state over meetings law

(Gibrantar)  GHA Board row: Cortes slams Ellul-Hammond for preferring ‘secrecy’ over open meetings

(Illinois) Gov. Quinn Signs Law to Strengthen Open Meetings Act

(Kansas) Kent Bush: Gray area raised red flags

(Missouri)  RICHARD DAVIDSON: ‘Sunshine’ is my middle name

Open Metrics

Open Metrics for Open Repositories

Open Mobile / OpenBTS / OpenMoko

OpenBTS Starting the system…

OpenMoko Freerunner

Openmoko smartphone reborn as hackable GTA04

TI supports the growth of wearable devices with next-gen Bluetooth low energy application software

YouTube on OpenMoko

Open Records / Open Repositories

(Kentucky) Nonprofits feel pain of budget cuts

(Pennsylvania)  Lawmakers must put end to PSU’s culture of secrecy

(United Kingdom) DTC Archive at Open Repositories 2012

(United Kingdom) EDINA’s busy week at Open Repositories 2012

(United Kingdom) Open Repositories 2012

(United Kingdom) Open Repositories 2012 conference

Open Security

Re: Re: ecryptfs headsup

To “Open Source” or “Not to Open Source”

Open Software

Entity Framework and Open Source

Entity Framework Magic Unicorn (and much more!) is now open source with take backs

Mashery Accelerates API Success With Open Source Developer Tools

Microsoft open-sources Entity Framework

Open source alternatives to Windows Home Server

Open Source CRM Startup X2Engine adds Email Campaigns

Open Source Impact

Trentino joins Italy’s open source alliance

Open Spectrum

President’s Advisory Council Pushes Government Spectrum Sharing

Open Standards

Firefox smartphone users won’t be locked into Mozilla Marketplace, open standards to lure Android and Apple developers

Free Resources to Help You Launch Your Open Source Project

Free Software Foundation Europe Open Standards

True Cost

(Australia) Grants inflate costs: union

(New Zealand) Asset sales costing more than revealed – Greens


2nd IT Unconference

FM 12 ExecuteSQL “Unconference” Session

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