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Open Source Everything

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost

Crowd-Funding / Social Funding

40Billion Announces Startup Superstar Business Plan Competition


Definitions: Crowd-Funding, Crowd-Sourcing, Crowd-Seeding


Call for submissions: Wood table top settings for Dillard’s, Red Clay crowdsourcing launch

Crowd-Sourced 2013 Scion FR-S in the Works

Crowdsourcing spotlight: The Second Rat by Dustin M. Thomas

Lay’s Joins Growing Trend Of Brands Crowdsourcing Through Facebook

New Video: Crowdsourcing Explained by Common Craft

Pepsi’s Frito-Lay goes crowd sourcing

Fashion Crowdsourcing Turns Us All Into Designers, Retailers

TechScape: Turning On the Crowdsourcing Spigit

Ukritic Enables Users to Share Their Opinions on Revitol Anti-Aging Solution


24-25 Mar 2012 Boston LibrePlanet:Conference/2012 [Historical Content]

27-28 July 2012, Bangalore, The Fifth Elephant, Conference

18-21 Sep 2012 Orlando FL SUSE Conference


18-21 Sep 2012 Orlando FL SUSE Conference

24-25 Mar 2012 Boston LibrePlanet:Conference/2012 [Historical Content]

7 Zip Free Software Download : 7Zip (YouTube)

FOSS News At Twitter

Judge Koh rejects Samsung’s additional claim construction proposals ten days before trial

LibreOffice Infographic

Manage Google Docs With LibreOffice

SUSE Remains The Leading LibreOffice Contributor

Open Source (General)

Great Open Source Map Tools For Web Developers

it’s time for open-source everything

Linux, Open Source & Ubuntu: OSCON 2012: The Open-Source Creative Engine Drives the Economy

Open Source For Me But Not For Thee

Open Access

(Canada) CSCanada Predatory Open Access

Hat Tip: “Starting an Open Access Journal: a step-by-step guide”

(India) Right policy needed for open access power

Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development

The future is open source

(United Kingdom) What about the authors who can’t pay? The government’s embrace of gold open access isn’t something to celebrate

(Washington) Wilderness access road reopened near Darrington


TRX is dead

Open Cloud

ARM rides open cloud computing testbed

Cloud Foundry and Open PaaS at OSCON

Open Collaboration

Hoorn: Unified theory of creativity – open collaboration

Open Communication

Medication Adherence:The Value of Open Communication

More on Open Communication from Dan Tapscott

Open Courseware / Open Education / Open Textbooks

Adoption of Open Textbooks (2009)

Evaluation and Comparison of Three Open Courseware Based on Quality Criteria

Hey, Kids, Meet Open Education

Open Badges elevator pitch (v0.1 alpha)

Open Education & Badges (part 1)

Open Culture

CEOs should lead corporate culture

Corporate culture: Open business culture – a promising direction for corporate governance

Saul Bass Gives Ma Bell a Complete Makeover, 1969

Open Cyber

Government calls on academia to train tomorrow’s cyber security experts

Open Data / Open Repositories

2012: The Year We Embrace and Begin Implementation of Open Data in Palo Alto

27-28 July 2012, Bangalore, The Fifth Elephant, Conference

Black Duck Unveils Ohloh Open Data Initiative, Launches Beta Code Search Capability

Open Government Data Toolkit (Pre-Alpha Slides)

Open Governance / Open Government

(New Mexico) Pat Rogers resigns from open government group

(New Mexico) Pojoaque refuses release of documents

(New Mexico)  Rogers resigns from sunshine group’s board

Open Government Data Toolkit (Pre-Alpha Slides)

Open Repositories Conference – Points of Interest to IRIOS2 Project

Stay up-to-date with upcoming Open Repositories Conferences

Open Hardware

Cpu-z & Open Hardware core clock question in Prime95

Open Innovation

A New Zealand take on R&D

Patent Reform Will Spell the End to Open Innovation

Revolutionize Your Products & Services: Forrester’s Playbook For Open Innovation

Open Knowledge

27-28 July 2012, Bangalore, The Fifth Elephant, Conference

OKFestival 2012: Travel Bursaries, Early Bird Tickets, Keynotes and Schedule

Open Life

Kind acts of Random

Open Mapping

OSCON: Presenting on Open Source Mapping

Open Meetings

(New Mexico) Santa Fe city attorney: Fluoride vote might have violated open meeting rules

(Michigan)  Mayor Martin Griffin responds to Open Meetings Act questions

Open Mobile

Apple’s App Discovery Lead On Google Is Shrinking, But Mobile Publishers Shouldn’t Be Too Worried

Open Records

(Delaware) Small towns face huge, new open-records burden

(Kansas)  Heard on the Hill: Homecoming committee unveils new logo; attorney hired to new KU post; I want your records requests

Massachusetts Criminal Records System Speeds Up

(Missouri) Franklin County Asked to Provide Credit Card, Cellphone Records

(North Carolina)  NC Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton releases travel records

(Pennsylvania) PSU should have open records

(Wisconsin) Open records, test scores dominate discussion

Open Science

Building an Open Science Business (Video)

Open science: Data sharing is harder to reward

Open Security

Researchers criticise the iPhone’s PIN storing practice

Open Skies

Saudi Arabia is moving toward an open skies policy

Open Society

Jens Stoltenberg interview: prime minister at the helm during Breivik shooting

Open Software

5 Reasons Why Commercial Software Companies Care About Open Source and Linux

Entity Framework Now Open Source

Google Corporate IT Builds Before Buying

Is NSA’s Accumulo open source or Google knock-off?

Open-Source Goes Ultraportable With Dell Pre-Installed Ubuntu XPS 13 Offering

O’Reilly Open Source Awards

The 2012 Open Source Awards

Valve & Intel Work On Open-Source GPU Drivers

Open Space

How many spaces to open in Open Space?

Open Standards

Insight into Linux-Based Enterprise Communications

True Cost

Subsidies, penalties, and the true cost of food

The True Cost of a Ticket

True cost of looking like Sophie Kalantzis from Ten’s Reality show The Shire

True Cost of Supercharging

True cost of ownership M35A3


My First Edu UnConference

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