20120722 Open Source Everything Highlights

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Open Source Everything

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


Setting Realistic Crowd Funding Goals


Crowd sourcing: Is San Diego America’s most tolerant city?

Dave Lavinsky of Growthink Recommends 23 Crowdsourcing Tools


11 Aug 2012 DC  Open Space Technology in Implementing System Change


Apple and Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility both appeal Judge Posner's ruling

Free antivirus software to protect your computer

Italian province of Trentino approves free software law

LibreOffice Microsoft Publisher Converter Officially Released

Showtime!Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 7 Online Free – In The Beginning

The OW2 Open Source Community Announces High-Profile Participation at this Year's FISL

Third parties can finally publish free software on Nintendo eShop

Open Access

European Union joins UK open-access bid

(United Kingdom) Chemistry society turns subscriptions into gold

(United Kingdom) Science in the Open: The challenge for scholarly societies

Open Cloud

Create your own IaaS platform with open source CloudStack

Open cloud computing test software for ARM servers

Open Communications

5 Methods for Open Communication Within a Relationship

(Massachusetts) Better communication sought after oyster incidents in Wellfleet

Open Data

Developers for Development: The Evolution of the Food Security Open Data Challenge

Open Democracy

No surprises in failure to prosecute G4S over death of Jimmy Mubenga

Open Geospatial / Open Maps

Stamen Maps for QGIS

Open Government

(California) Watchdog Group Launches Petition to Protect Open Government Brown Act

(New Mexico) Foundation loses board member over email flap

(New Mexico) Lawyer quits board of NM open government group

Open Hardware

Open Hardware Hub Updates

Re: Open Hardware Eliminates Microsoft's ‘Secure Boot'

Open Innovation

Discussing open innovation and why

Khusru Asadullah, Biomarker VP of Bayer, to speak at Biomarker Europe Summit, Sept. 5th-7th, Zurich

Open Journalism

Learning from this week’s crash course in citizen journalism

Open Knowledge

Science, data and the public

Open Manufacturing

An open source variable tooth bike sprocket

Open Meetings

(Illinois) Quinn signs law closing open-meetings loophole

Open meetings use cases survey 1

Open Records

(Pennsylvania) Lawmakers push for more transparency at Penn State

(Pennsylvania) Time to give up open records exemptions

Open Society

Norway tries to put pain of Breivik behind year on

Open Software

Add watermarks to all your ODF files automatically

Dr. Roy Schestowitz  SelekTOR V2.07 released as open source. http://ur1.ca/9t9o8 #

Heroku Releases Easy Mac Postgres for Devs

Open source AI language processor written in C#

OS In The Enterprise And The Component Revolution — What Startups Need To Know

Small Austin software startup lands some big backers

Open Space (Technology)

11 Aug 2012 DC  Open Space Technology in Implementing System Change

Open Spending

Athens to Berlin – PROFILE – Linked Data and Public Spending

True Cost

(Georgia)  TSPLOST cost isn't burdensome

(Ohio) Diana sticks to estimate of Valley View costs

(Ohio)  Valley View's true costs hard to pin down

(Tennessee)  The Smart Grid’s true cost

(United Kingdom) Pension funds hide true cost to consumers


A successful UnConference before the official opening of the DH2012 [Digital Humanities]

[FileMakerHacks] FM 12 ExecuteSQL “Unconference” Session

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