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Open Source Everything

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


(Connecticut) Middletown newlyweds use crowd funding to launch start-up

(New York) Crowd Funding for Equity Solutions Series # 7: Regulation D, Section 508 Safe Harbor for Crowd Funding


Apple vs Google: vertical integration vs crowd-sourcing

ChallengePost: the Crowdsourced Contest that Works (Maybe)

Chappies uses crowdsourcing to gather the latest ‘Did you knows’

Crowdsourcing (Randall Craig)

Don’t try this at home: Crowdsourcing national defense

What Darpa Learned From UAVForge


11 Sep 2012 NYC Digital Money Unconference– From NYPAY and Consult Hyperion

22-23 Sep 2012 Genk Belgium SpaceUp Europe Un-conference

27 Sep 2012 NYC Open Hardware Summit

FOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre

Cucusoft Net Guard

Help improve the look & feel of the Free Software Directory directory.fsf.org/wiki/FSD:Design

How to install libreoffice 3.5.5 in ubuntu using PPA

Kinect software helps rehabilitate stroke victims

Spiceworks Updates Free IT Management Software for SMBs

Survey Finds Nearly Half Of Consumers Fail To Upgrade Software Regularly And One Quarter Of Consumers Don't Know Why To Update Software

What We’ve Always Wanted: Free Software That Makes Our Keyboards Sound Like Typewriters

YouTube: Free Software Foundation Channel

Open Source (General)

World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS)

Open Access

aQuestora to deploy next-gen fibre access networks using LG-Ericsson multiservice fibre access platform and Genexis broadband CPE solution

Journals from Antarctica

North Korea Wants to Open Rare Earth Treasure Trove

Open Access E-Magazine: REORIENT – Middle Eastern Arts & Culture

Open Access: Not All That is Gold Glisters

The OA Interviews: Martin Hall, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Salford, and member of the Finch Committee on OA

UK plan for open access to research is a golden opportunity, not a cost

(United Kingdom) Why panning for gold may be detrimental to open access research

Open Communication

Communication Lessons From “The Bachelorette”

Open Culture

Astonishing Film of Arthritic Impressionist Painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1915)

Pavarotti Sings with Lou Reed, Sting, James Brown and Other Friends

Open Data

Can the co-operative model help to open data?

Palo Alto, Calif., to Launch Open Data Initiative

The dark side of data:In a world of big, open data, “privacy by design” will become even more important

To be open or not to be – that is the question

Twitter: Open data meeting sparks conversation

YouGov CEO to chair BIS Data Strategy Board

Open Democracy

2nd triple-digit loss for Dow in 2 days

Diversity in the British judiciary: on the backburner for too long

Street sexual harassment: breaking the silence in Yemen

Open Education

Open Education Concerns

Open Food

Open Source Food 1.1

Open Governance / Open Government

Dan Walters: Politicians make a mockery of open government laws

Sullivan citizens, some legislators want more ‘open government’

Open Hardware

27 Sep 2012 NYC Open Hardware Summit

Hardware Hacks: Pi in the sky and Linux on the MK802

Open Innovation

Amazon to open innovation hub in London [not open open but worth noting]

Featured Research: Open Innovation in the German Automobile Industry

Open innovation: Beiersdorf's intimate approach to external partnerships

PARC: Being ‘Open’ Powers a New Business Model

Open Journals

SAME SCIENTIFIC IMPACT: Scientific Publishing – Open Journals vs. Subscription-based

Open Meetings

(California) Petitioning to Protect Open Meetings Begins

(Illinois) Open Meetings Act changes signed into law

(Illinois) Word on the Street: Good move for our ‘bad government' state

Open Mobile

Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) Hosts Messaging Workshop and Demo Day

Open Records

(Texas) Log In to Request Open Records

Open Repositories

Open Repositories 2012 – brief conference report

OR12: Open Repositories in Edinburgh : OER and Institutional Repositories

Open Skies

Budget airline Ryanair expresses interest in entering Israeli market

Open Society

The Anti-Prostitution Pledge: Sex Work, Free Speech, and the Supreme Court

Open Software

HowTo: Linux Check Password Strength With Cracklib-check Command

Ninja power: open-source HTML5 toolset aims to enable richer Web apps

Open Source Smart Meter Hacking Framework can Hack into the Power Grid

Smart meter hack framework goes open-source

Smart meter hacking tool released

Open Spectrum

Public Knoweldge Applauds Federal Report on Spectrum Sharing

Open Spirituality

An Open Spirituality / Religion / Theology Forum

Open Standards

Open Source and Open Standards

Perspectives on the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation

Polycom Channel Leaders Recognized by UBM Channel's CRN Magazine as Three of 2012's ‘Women of the Channel'

Open Textbooks

Open Textbooks Sources

True Cost

The Smart Grid's True Cost: Government Access and Control of All Information


11 Sep 2012 NYC Digital Money Unconference– From NYPAY and Consult Hyperion

22-23 Sep 2012 Genk Belgium SpaceUp Europe Un-conference

(Minnesota) Planning in Progress: Minnesota Rising 2012 Un/Conference!

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