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Open Source Everything

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TODAY’S HIGHLIGHTS:  All Opens Below Line  Includes Autonomous Internet, Crowd-Funding/Sensing/Sourcing, and Transparency, Truth, Trust, & True Cost


Crowd funding – A panacea for startups in India?

Crowd-Funding Justice for Exonerated Ex-Prisoners

Crowd [Funding] the [Crowd] Sourcing [of] Space Ping Pong Balls?

Eastside Filmmaker Crowd Funds Money for Short Film

GiveForward raises $2M VC investment

IINsider’s Digest: McDonald’s French Fry Monopoly, Crowd-Funding Farms, Restaurant Chains in School Cafeterias and more…

‘Scrooge and Marley’ continues crowd funding, moves to post-production

“Songwriter” TV Show Using Kickstarter to Launch at Berklee

SF/F Crowd Funding Roundup For 7/20/12


Allstate announces crowdsourcing effort to test usage-based insurance product

Crowd [Funding] the [Crowd] Sourcing [of] Space Ping Pong Balls?

Scientists without Borders and “Crowdsourcing for Health”

“YouTube will become the destination;” Q&A with Storyful’s Mark Little on crowdsourcing, curation, and the future of video journalism


How to Work With LibreOffice Calc

One Munich court denies an Apple injunction motion, another tosses a Microsoft lawsuit

Open Source: Incredible Apps For Every OS

Q-C Computer Society: Free software on the Internet

Survey reveals nearly half of consumers fail to regularly upgrade software

Windows Compress File : Zip File Free Software

Open Source (General)

Exercising a Little Open Source Prudence

Why Open-Source Principles Are a Recipe For Innovation

Open Access

aQuestora selects LG-Ericsson and Genexis as broadband suppliers

Coalition of Open Access Policy Institutions (COAPI) – First Annual Report

Free Open-Access Meducation: Video

Open access week in October 2012

ORCID’s next bi-annual Outreach meeting scheduled for October 17

Public research, private profits

Staggered open-access gold run ‘won’t break bank’

The argument for open access

UK Net Neutrality Under (Coded) Attack

Open Budgets

Three things that citizens can do about tax breaks to big business

Open Cloud

Analysis: Nicira Buy To Bring VMware Closer To OpenStack, Networking Vendors

Cloud Computing: Deploying Open-Source Cloud Systems: 5 Pros and 5 Cons

Leading On-Premise IaaS Cloud Provider to Speak and Exhibit at VMworld, Gartner Catalyst, CloudOpen, Cloud Connect and Data Center World Fall

Open Collaboration

Tall grass – Open collaboration

Open Communication

How Better Communication Can Improve Your Cash Flow

Open Contest

2nd Annual XBRL Challenge Announced: Contest to Develop Best Open Source App to Analyze Corporate Financial Data

Open Culture

Martin Scorsese Appears in New Apple Ad with Siri, Plays on His Chilling Cameo in Taxi Driver

Open Data

Amendment XXVIII: Open Government

Conference Paper: The Importance of Open Data to National Libraries

Is cloud computing secure?

New Paper: Linked Open Government Data

Open data ‘a very local revolution’

The recent surge of citizen-led civic engagement groups in London

Open Democracy

Diary: Are you a bit of a curmudgeon Mr Humphrys? (BBC in Review)

Syria headlines 2: decapitating Damascus

The recent surge of citizen-led civic engagement groups in London

The SWISH Report (21)

Open Design

“Insegna Trieste” a workshop to imagine and design the future of urban information and communication for the city

Open Design Contributions

The Hero’s Journey of Open Design

Open Education

Good Schools for the World’s Poor


Integration Topologies and SDN

Open Governance / Open Government

Amendment XXVIII: Open Government

MPs back FTs over open government level playing field

New Paper: Linked Open Government Data

Policy commits Riverside County to following open government law

Where DeMaio and Filner Stand on Open Government

Will technology lead to ‘Open Governance’ in our cities?

Open Innovation

Innovation finds fertile ground at Sci-Tech Daresbury

Markkula: “CoR encourages the regions to move towards open innovation”

P&G Names New C+D Leader, Aims Acceleration of Open Innovation Work

Polytechnique Montréal a key player in the Partenariat pour l’Ouverture de l’Innovation dans les Nouvelles Technologies (POINT)

STX Open Innovation Evening @ Suvilahti (Valvomo, Building # 11)

Why Open-Source Principles Are a Recipe For Innovation

Open Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence on anti Sniper technology

Open Journalism

“YouTube will become the destination;” Q&A with Storyful’s Mark Little on crowdsourcing, curation, and the future of video journalism

Open Knowledge

Diller mulls making money-loser Newsweek online only

Open Materials

Why we need Open, Hackable Materials now – An Interview with Catarina Mota

Open Meetings

(Alaska) City Council Meeting Report

(California) Cost to post public meetings: $96 million?

(Canada) Government agendas must be clearer, better posted

(Illinois) Call for Transparency

(New Jersey) NJ high court: Closed Rutgers board meeting on athletic issues violated some open-meeting laws

(New Jersey) Using Rutgers case, justices raise bar on open meetings

(New Mexico)  Council rescinds fluoride vote; new hearing set for Aug. 28

(Texas) The best choice is transparency

Open Records

(Illinois) Report: Feds Subpoena Rep. Dan Burke’s Scholarship Records

(Illinois)  Report: Prosecutors subpoenas lawmaker’s records

(Kentucky) Fiscal Court violates Open Records, not Open Meetings, another opinion pending

(Minnisota) Township records can be exception to state open records law

(Oklahoma) Reporters to chat about Oklahoma open record cases Wednesday

Open Repositories

Open Repositories. Tor/Forge DRM-Free. Digital Literacy

Overview of OR2012 Edinburgh

Open Science

Neelie Kroes talks open science

Scientists without Borders and “Crowdsourcing for Health”

Open Security

12 Free Open Software Security Options

Black Hat Hacking Hotel Doors With Open-Source Arduino

Linux Mint 13 KDE released

Open Society

Getting to Zero in Ukraine

Southern Africa: Devastating Impact of Global Fund Crisis

Mozambique: Preventing Crime and Violence in Mozambique

Soros Foundation Upset At Lack of ‘Sex Workers’ at AIDS Conference

Open Software

Adapt or Die: Social Branding in the Digital Darwinism Age

Join the M revolution – M and R programming languages

Open-Source Startup Meteor Gets $11.2M from Andreessen Horowitz

Silicon Valley’s Newest Star, Meteor, Just Raised $11.2 Million To Completely Change How Startups Are Built

Sonatype Launches Insight Application Health Check

Tool Analyzes Open Source Components in Your Java Apps

VMware buys Nicira: Open-source threat or cloudy opportunity?

Open Standards

ShoreTel’s Latest Release Supports Open Standards for UC

True Cost

Political truth’ envelopes true cost of Libyan mission


UnConference: Like a conference, but better (11 slides)

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